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2Take1 GTA V Menu FAQ

2Take1 GTA V MENU is the best menu on the market. 2Take1 GTA V MENU has all the best options and protections you will ever find. 2Take1 GTA V MENU has the most updates and hotfixes you will ever fine in a menu. When GTA V has a major update there back and running in 6 hours to 24 hours.

Once you join the server, try to find the [$] sub0to bot.

Message the bot with -> $auth [your-token-here]

Go to your account in 2Take1 website, and you should be able to see your token below your email address. It is a long string of letters, numbers and signs. For example, after finding your own token, message the bot like this:

DM @[$] sub0to with your Auth Token, not your credentials. You can find your token by logging into the 2Take1 Menu Site.

For Example:
For VIP Users to get their VIP role do,

Once you send the message, bot should invite you to the latest private 2Take1 Discord server.

How to install

How to download the video. https://youtu.be/3kAP80nfX9Q

  1. To redeem your key go-to 2take1
  2. Copy your License key and go to the user page to redeem your key and download the menu
  3. Unzip your menu
  4. Run the Launcher.exe, and enter your username and password from the website.
  5. Wait for the Launcher to say Waiting for GTA V.exe
  6. Launch GTA V and enter story mode
  7. When in story mode, click on the launcher and click Inject.

  1. Make sure your game is closed, and run the Launcher.exe file with admin privileges.
  2. Type your username and password from the website, and press Enter.
  3. Wait until you see the message Waiting for GTA5.exe.
  4. Run GTA normally and wait until you are in the main selection screen, or in Single Player.
  5. Click on the Inject button when you’re ready. You will see a splash screen on your game once it loads.

Menu Key

Num – To open and close the menu
Num 5 To select a feature or enter a submenu
Num 0 to go back
Num 8 and Num 2 to move up and down
Num 4 and Nub 6 to change the value of the feature
Num 7 and Num to move between tabs.
F9 to save settings
F12 to un-inject ( hold for 1/2 seconds)

10key 1
2Take1 GTA V Menu FAQ 3

How to open 2Take1 With Controller

  1. Enable controller support in menu settings.
  2. Close the menu with the keyboard.
  3. Open the menu with the controller using this combo: Rt + 

How to change your key binds

1- Download this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/883003966995198031/884441466028576788/2Take1Menu.ini

2- Open Windows Search, look up for %appdata%, click enter

3- Find PopstarDevs folder then 2Take1Menu

4- Put the downloaded file in there.

5- Restart the game and re-inject the menu.

Keybinds after that:
Open: F4
Uninject: Hold F12
Up, Down, Left, Right: arrow keys
Menu tab changing (local online spawn tabs above): page down/up
Menu go back: backspace
Select/enable: enter


Step 1: Locating the configuration file

Open Windows Search and search for “%appdata%” Find the folder named “Popstar Devs“, go to “2Take1Menu” folder inside of it, and right-click on “2Take1Menu.ini“, select “Open with” and choose any other text editing program. Like Notepad, Microsoft Word etc.

Step 2: Find the bindable keys

You should see the text file named “KEYS.txt” in the menu files you downloaded from 2Take1 website.
Open them to see which keys are bindable and their keycode.

Step 3: Bind

Find the key you want to bind and the function. Add the key code after “=” sign in the function row. For example, let’s bind the “MenuRight” function to the right arrow key instead of Numpad 6. Find the right arrow keycode on “KEYS.txt“, which is currently “RIGHT“. Delete the Numpad 6 keycode from the function (NUM6), and add right arrow keycode (RIGHT) It will look like this: MenuRight=RIGHT After this, we can go right on the menu (changing a value in the menu) with the right arrow key, instead of Numpad 6.

Quick Reminders

  • 2T1 requires GTA to be run in DirectX 11.
  • Make sure you have no graphical mods installed, such as ENBseries.
  • The menu won’t work on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Compatibility with cloud PCs, virtual machines, or other operating systems isn’t guaranteed either.
  • If your issue occurs while you’re co-loading other menus along with 2T1, try again without using them.
    Co-loading isn’t officially supported, so you won’t receive official help nor have the right to send a bug/ban report if you use other menus

Crash dumps

If your game crashes after injecting, 2T1 is able to generate crash dumps with debug information. These dumps are encrypted, and only devs can read them. If your issue isn’t solved after following the steps below, send your latest dump in the support channel of the Discord server, and Devs will take a look when they’re available.

By default, crash dump creation is disabled. In order to enable it:

  1. Open your default profile with the Notepad:
  2. Add this line under the [VERSION] section:
  3. Save the file and launch GTA with 2T1 (or load your profile, if it’s already running).

Crash dumps can then be found in this directory, along with their timestamp:


Menu not injecting, or game crashing on inject

  • Make sure your antivirus or any real-time protection software (including Windows Defender) isn’t blocking anything.
  • Make sure your Windows user has Administrator privileges.
  • Make sure no overlays are enabled, including Discord, Steam, Xbox Game Bar or NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  • Make sure you have all the correct redistributables installed.
  • Make sure that the 2Take1Menu files are not located in your Desktop or in a folder that syncs to a cloud service, such as OneDrive.
  • Make sure that your Windows username doesn’t contain special characters (such as letters with tildes or Russian/Chinese symbols).
  • Perform an integrity check of the game files and make sure no additional stuff is placed there.
  • If you have changed the privileges for the GTA processes, restart your PC. Otherwise, it won’t work properly.
  • If you’re using Rivatuner, make sure the detection level is set to low or none.

If these steps don’t work, delete all the menu files (including the %appdata%\PopstarDevs folder) and re-download the menu.

The Popstar Launcher is crashing or connecting infinitely

Open a CMD console with admin privileges and type:

net stop npf

There isn’t an Inject button

  • Update the game using Steam, RGL, or EGL.
  • Perform an integrity check of the game files.
  • Reinstall the game, if none of the above works.

I can’t join online lobbies

  1. Try joining an invite-only lobby first, then a public lobby.
  2. Try joining without the menu injected.
    If it doesn’t work either, it’s probably an issue with your ISP. Try logging online through a VPN.

Authentication failed: Unknown error: deadbeef

The launcher is having issues connecting with the auth server. Make sure you are using the latest version of the menu and check your connection status.

channel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT (0x80090325) – The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.

Make sure your antivirus software is disabled, and install this certificate.

The Vehicle Spawner shows weird characters

Set the Renderer to FW1un-inject the menu, and then inject it back.

The Lua script isn’t working after an update

The Lua API is usually updated along with the menu. You’ll have to update your script to the new functions.
If you’re not the developer of the script, ask them to do it.

The menu is moving on its own

This happened because you were holding Shift while pressing a menu key.
Release Shift and press the key that the menu thinks you’re pressing, and it should be still again.

In order to prevent this, set the Input Method to RAW.

missing spel64.dll issue

missing spel64.dll issue

antivirus, delete the appdate folder and rerun the launcher.exe

I can’t enter in a spawned vehicle, or it keeps disappearing

Enable Despawn Bypass and Bypass MP Vehicle Kick.

How do I save my settings?

Press F9 to save your settings to the default profile, which will be loaded when 2T1 is injected. You can also change this key.

Can I use 2Take1Menu on another computer? Do I have to reset my Hardware ID?

When 2T1 detects a new HWID, your account locks to it for 1 hour. After that period, you’re allowed to register a second HWID.

Also, you can use 2T1 on two computers at the same time, as long as they’re in the same subnet.

Do not share your account

Doing so will terminate your license right away, due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

2Take1 GTA V Menu FAQ 4

How to install Lua Scripts

Open Windows Search and search for “%appdata%

Find the folder named “Popstar Devs“, go to “2Take1Menu” folder inside of it.

Open “scripts” folder and put the “.lua” file inside of it.

You’ll find the downloaded LUA scripts in “Scripts” submenu. Select the name of the LUA once to load the script.

Go to “Script Features” submenu to use the downloaded script.



You can use Cayo Perico or Casino heist skips to finish heists easily.Enable god-mode, do some bullet modifications, go to Heist tab and disable things like cameras, unlock doors; whatever you feel like is the best and finish the heists easily.


VIP menu comes with a Business Manager. You can get money while freely roaming in the world.

Business Manager will make your active businesses (MC Businesses, Nightclub, Arcade, Bunker…) produce product, restock and sell in the background. You just need to activate the option and leave it the rest.

This option will not impact on FPS. Also, we recommend that only activate this while you’re free-roaming, not in missions.


LUA Scripts can be added to both versions of the menu, and some of them can be used for money. Currently, users have developed a 1.2 million CEO money loop and many different ways to heists. Join the private server to download scripts, tutorial on how to join the private server is above.

*Warning! LUA Script money methods’ safety is not guaranteed and not supported by the actual developers of the menu. It is made by users for other users and it is up to you if you want to install it or not.


Step 1: Downloading the configuration file

You can find a download for pre-made configuration settings from here

How do I make money with VIP

There are multiple ways of getting money using 2take1.
1) You can use the VIP feature “Business Manager” to have the menu autonomously manage your in-game businesses for you while you do other things.
2) You can use the VIP features “Blackjack – Bust the house” and “Roulette – Power of one” to rig the Blackjack and Roulette casino games for lots of easy chips, which can be turned into $$.
3) The Heist Control lua script can be used to skip the heist set up missions and set the heist up for maximum profit for you (and your friends).
4) You can sell the Arena War Issi vehicle for ~$1 million every 48 minutes. To sell it you’ll need to store it in your garage, a tutorial on doing so is posted below.
5) The Master Unlocker lua script has a 750k money loop option. This option has the highest ban risk and is the least recommended method. Using this method means you will be unable to submit a ban report, should you be banned using it.

When using the Blackjack & Roulette rigging methods, you should try to lose on purpose once every few wins to avoid the game placing you on cooldown for winning too much. Mixing in losses is also good to avoid potentially looking suspicious enough for R* to check on you.

Regardless of which method you choose, it should be used in moderation. Players getting massive amounts of money (especially in a short time) is a red flag to Rockstar, which may lead to an account ban.

What should I have my nightclub technicians assigned to for the most profit

  • South American Imports (Cocaine Lockup)
  • Cargo and Shipments (Warehouse)
  • Pharmaceutical Research (Meth Lab)
  • Sporting Goods (Bunker)
  • Cash Creation (Counterfeit Cash).

How do I set up my protections properly?

As of version 2.53.0 of the menu, the recommended protections are enabled by default, these are less intrusive to normal gameplay that what was previously recommended.

When playing missions, the following protections should be disabled entirely to avoid bugs and other issues:

  • Block Attachments
  • Block Cage Objects
  • Block Collectible Drops
  • Modder Detection → SE Spam
  • Event Hooks > Script Events > Everything
  • Event Hooks > Network Events > Everything (Use the “Disable All Net Event Hooks” feature at the top of the list)
  • Miscellaneous > Disable Phone Calls
  • The protections guide can still be found on the 2take1 docs here: https://gta.2take1.menu/setup/protections/

How do I store vehicles in my garage with 2take1?

1) Spawn the car you want with the menu.
2) Modify it the way you want (colors, upgrades, liveries, plate, vehicle extras if it has any, rims, blablabla).
3) Save it in the menu.
4) In the Spawner Settings, enable Spawn In-Vehicle.
5) Steal a car from the street that you can drive into your garage.
6) Drive it into any of your garages, and while the cutscene is playing, spawn the vehicle you want to replace it with using the menu.
(If the garage shows you a menu when you enter (like the CEO garage wanting you to pick garage 1, 2 or 3), do it after you pick which garage you want.)
7) Once that’s done and you have the car in your garage, it’s just a matter of buying full insurance (it’ll only have a tracker at this point).

This will NOT work for blacklisted vehicles or vehicles that aren’t released yet. However, you can use this to put some vehicles into your garage that doesn’t belong there normally, such as bicycles, the Dune or the RC Bandito.

DO NOT put the RC Bandito in your garage before you’ve actually bought one for the arena! If you spawn it into your garage before you’ve bought one, you’ll permanently be unallowed to buy it anymore.

I bought VIP, how do I get the VIP role?

DM the bot you used to join the server ( [$] sub0to ) the $vip command instead of the $auth command. You will still need to include your 2take1 token. Once the bot authenticates your token, it will give you the VIP role here.

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