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Circuit GTA Menu

You can download the circuit after redeeming your key.
Website: https://circuit.menu/
I can’t start the menu what to do?
Make sure your antivirus is off.

  • The circuit’s login is case sensitive
    If it doesn’t inject after 10 seconds try restarting the launcher, if none of this work delete the launcher and download again.
    How do i earn money with the menu?
    The easiest way to get money is to get a kosatka.
    Then you go to recovery option > Cayo Perico heist to skip the preps. now you can do the heist without doing the preps. You will earn between 1-2 million if you do it well.
    (Removed as of right now will be added back soon)
    How do I change my level?
    On recovery, go to the RP section and then click set level (not instant), after that Change session, and your set level 120 Will unlock everything.
    (Removed as of right now will be added back soon)

    The Key to Open is Insert

I’m experiencing crashing issues what do I do?
Login to your account on our website and check the account section to see if there are any logs that show “wrong hwid”.

Launcher crashing? A “logs.txt” file will get generated check that, it’ll tell you which program to close. In case of “DRD”, delete the bottom uncommented part of of the host file
(can be found in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc).

Menu crashing? Check the auth.txt file located at C:\Circuit\auth.txt

Make sure you write your username in lowercase.

Circuit works on Windows : 7/10/11
Crashing fix

  1. Make sure all antivirus’s are off
    (and firewalls)
  2. Always run the launcher as admin
  3. Make sure you game isn’t in full screen when you inject
    (make sure you’ve fully loaded story mode)
    If this doesn’t work delete the folder in documents and reinject

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