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Here you will find all the necessary information to make sure your cobalt experience is smooth and error free.

Q: How does the spoofer work? it doesn’t change my serials?

A: Correct. Cobalt’s spoofer does not change your serials. It makes it so the anti-cheat does not retrieve your serials. Hence why the spoofer applies right away and should not interfere with other HWID programs.

Q: Is there controller support?

A: Yes, controller binding is supported.

Q: Do keys stack?

A: Yes, you can redeem multiple keys at once to extend your subscription.

Q: Do I need a spoofer?

A: Cobalt comes with a spoofer, there is no need for an external spoofer.

Q: I am stuck on “No Subscription.”

A: Please ensure you have an active subscription on the website.

Q: How can I activate my subscription?

A: You can activate your key by visiting -> https://cobalt.solutions/key/redeem

Q: How do I load cobalt safely?

A: Once you’re logged into the client, click on spoof, then load. You can then start Warzone. Always spoof and load before starting warzone.

Q: How do I open the menu?

A: INS key. If you have a 60% keyboard, find out the keyboard shortcut for your specific keyboard. Most common ones are fn + j and fn + esc. If for some reason your Insert key does not work, use windows on-screen keyboard.

Q: My game is crashing when I load cobalt?

A: Ensure you are fully loaded into the main menu and have finished downloading shaders before loading the software. Re-install your NVIDIA drivers as well. Scan and Repair is also recommended.

Q: Loader says “success” but the menu won’t show up in-game

A: Ensure you are in a lobby, then press insert on your keyboard. If this still is unsuccessful, open a support ticket and we will be able to help further.

Five M Spoof Guide

Five M Spoof Guide

If the below does not work for you then there is nothing we can do for you.

FiveM Spoof Guide

  1. 1. Press the windows button and search open “run” search for “%localappdata%” and “%appdata%”. Delete local “DigitalEntitlements” folder/file Delete local FiveM FiveM.app “citizen” folder/file Delete local FiveM FiveM.app data “cache” folder/file Delete local AppData Roaming “CitizenFX” folder/file delete local FiveM FiveM.app “logs” folder/file

1.1 Press windows button and search open “run” search for %appdata%. (Only if the folder is there) Delete the “Parsec” folder.

  1. 2. Get Revo Uninstaller and delete all Xbox Apps. (When uninstalling make sure to delete all strings/regs) [If Xbox still didn’t get unlinked try making a new Windows user ] Download Revo Uninstall at: https://www.revouninstaller.com/

2.1 Press Windows button and search for “regedit” open it as admin. (Only if step 2 doesn’t work) Go to “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography” Delete content of “MachineGUID”

  1. 3.Unlink Discord in “Authorized Application”.
  2. 4.Open Discord
  3. 5.Click on settings (Near your name)
  4. 6.Under Privacy and Protections u will see Authorized Apps click it
  5. 7.You will eventually find Fivem, unauthorize it
  6. 8.Then navigate to AppData\Roaming\discord\0.0.306\modules and delete discord_rpc if you have it
  7. 9.When you open again Fivem don’t authorize Discord
  8. 10.Use a new Steam account. (Unlink old) Simply close steam
  9. 11.Use a paid VPN. (Optional) Download MysteriumVPN at: https://www.mysteriumvpn.com/
  10. 12.Launch Cobalt Client.exe, select spoof and click on load It should say spoof successful
  11. 13.Prepare a new rockstar Account and login to FiveM

If it still didn’t work Google “How to disable TPM on {your motherboard}”

Loading Cobalt Correctly

please make sure you exit out of everything and logout of all of your accounts before spoofing Battle.net/Steam you don’t want to be logged into any of them when you spoof. resulting into not follow my instructions your account will be shadowbanned again.

Firstly download the client your loader should save v1.1 and look like so:


Login with the same credentials you use to log into the website:

Go to the spoofer option and load it:


Will say success when complete:

Please click spoof again and you will be shown a message that you are already spoofed please ensure it says this before opening the game as this means you have not spoofed if it does not say so please restart your pc and spoof again:


Next log into battlenet or steam and load your cheat:


There are two ways you can load the cheat firstly is before opening the game or when you are already inside the game when you are at the title menu

If loading before the game you will be met with this message which means you must open the game:


If it still says waiting for process when you open the game this means you are trying to use the wrong subscription for the game/ you have the wrong sub please make a ticket in the support server for a swap


Other than that you will be prompted with succes when it has loaded you will see tiny white numbers in the top left of your screen this means cobalt has successfully loaded and you can go and ruin peoples day.

Ins is to open the keyboard on a full 100% keyboard if you have a different size keyboard you need to look at your keyboard manual on how to push INS. If it is not working for your keyboard please use the windows on screen keyboard.

Quick side note:

In your task manager where you check if virtualization is enabled and when you have successfully spoofed it will change to virtual machine yes.

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