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Colbalt Warzone / Vanguard FAQ

1 . You will go to Cobalt to redeem your key.

2. After you redeem your key please download the loader.

3. You will put your website user name and password in the loader.

4. Then please spoof then load the menu.

5. Then start Warzone.

Menu Key: Ins

Colbalt Warzone / Vanguard FAQ

[Common issues]

Error -> Outdated
Solution: Download the latest loader from the website. https://cobalt.solutions/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=4

Error -> \Device\Null is already in use
Download and run as an administrator, then restart your pc

Error -> Failed to get ntoskrnl.exe
Boot into normal OS instead of the Windows 10 patch used by other providers.

Error -> HWID invalid
Open a ticket in our Discord with your menu user name and your reason for HWID reset
Eg. Squish, New CPU

Error -> Failed to map driver
Unsupported windows version, Downgrade or upgrade to a supported version (1809-21h1)

Error -> No subscription
Purchase a key from the website or an official reseller only, then activate the link that was sent to your email. If you cannot find it, check spam / All mail

Error -> Failed to load vuln driver
Disable/uninstall ESEA, FACEIT, or Anti-Cheats/Anti-Viruses, restarting might also fix this issue

Error -> Unknown Error
Your username is incorrect. Please double-check the spelling and try again.

Error -> Waiting for products
Your subscription is over. Purchase a key from the website or an official reseller, then activate the link that was sent to your email. If you cannot find it, check spam / All mail


Q: How can I activate my subscription?
A: You will receive a link via email containing a text file with the activation link. Ensure you are logged in on the forum, then visit the link. On successful activation, you will be shown the message “Key activated”.

Q: My game is crashing when I load cobalt
A: Ensure you are fully loaded into the main menu and have finished downloading shaders before loading the software.

Q: Loader says “success” but the menu won’t show up in-game
A: Ensure you are in a lobby, then press Insert on your keyboard. If this still is unsuccessful, open a support ticket and we will be able to help further.

Q: How do I install scripts
A: You can download scripts from our website. After downloading a script, place the file in “C:\Cobalt\Scripts” then click refresh in the menu. If the script does not show up, ensure the file extension is.Lua.

Q: How do I install configs
A: After downloading a config, place the file in “C:\Cobalt\Configs”. Then you are able to load the config in the menu.

Q: Can I get level 1000
A: Leveling system is now patched and is no longer possible.

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