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Delusion FAQ

Steps for Car Gifting

Step 1: Send your current personal vehicle back to storage or destroy it

Step 2: Have your friend or you fill up a garage with Elegy’s or street cars, use a 2 car garage if you wanna speed up the process

Step 3: Gift yourself/your friend a vehicle that can be stored in the garage

Step 4: Drive the spawned car into the garage and replace one of the vehicles.

Step 5: Leave GTAO/Join a new session Step 6: Take the car out of the garage, drive it to LSC, put in a tracker and coverage or sell it.

Recommended vehicles for selling: Elegy Retro Custom fully upgraded(Sells for around 900K) or a fully upgraded Deathbike (Sells for exactly 1M)

4 things to keep in mind to make the loader work (if it doesn’t even start)

a) use Windows 10, 64 bit and keep it updated
b) run the Loader with admin privileges
c) have the vcredist 2017-2019 for x64 bit installed (https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe )
d) make sure no antivirus is blocking the application

Can’t login

If you don’t get a green or red popup when attempting to login, try a different browser.

To open menu

F4 / Numpad *

How to inject menu

1. Open the launcher. Log in using the information you used to log into the site. The username is the one that was emailed to you when you purchased the menu. The password is your activation key.

2. Once you have reached this page, launch Grand Theft Auto V.

3. Enter the settings of the game.

4. Under “Graphics”, Ensure your game is running in DirectX 11 and windowed mode. Also turn “Pause game on focus loss” to “Off”.

5. Load into Story Mode.

6. Wait until you have loaded in, until you can move around.

7. Return to the launcher by pressing Alt-Tab, or using the windows key and selecting it from the taskbar. Click the “LOAD” button. Wait until the launcher has closed. It might take a while. Leave the game alone while the launcher loads up

8. A second GTA window should open, as demonstrated in the two screenshots.

9. Use numpad * or F4 to open the menu. Use numpad 2, 4, 6 and 8 to control the selector, numpad 5 to select and numpad 0 to go back.

Website for menu download


These are additional troubleshooting steps you can take should the launcher crash, part of the way through injecting the menu, and you have verified that you have no antiviruses running, or have already added the launcher and menu files to exclusions.

1. Open the start menu, and type in either “command prompt” or “cmd”.

2. Mouse over “Command Prompt, and right click. Select “Run as administrator”.

3. A window similar to the one in the screenshot should open.

Delusion FAQ 4

4. Type in sfc /scannow

into the window, as the screenshot below shows. Hit the “enter” key.

Delusion FAQ 5

5. Be patient while the scan runs. Try to keep activity on the computer to a minimum.

6. Next, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

into the same window, like so.

Delusion FAQ 6

If the problems still persist, open a ticket

Unload the menu

press “end” on your keyboard!


Please go to https://delusion.gg/

or you may have to make a ticket in there discord, Please join tawk and we can give you there discord as well.

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