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Elysium VIP Spoofer FAQ

Elysium VIP Spoofer FAQ will help you threw all you issues that you may face.

Elysium VIP Spoofer is very easy to use. You will only need a few steps to be safe from shadowbans.

Please do the following to use this menu.

  1. Turn off Anti-Virus
  2. Download the launcher
  3. Run launcher as admin
  4. When the launcher and click COD Spoofer
  5. When you run the Spoofer it will say missing file. Run Spoofer again.
  6. It will ask you to Spoof with the same HWID or new.
  7. For the first time using Spoofer, use the new HWID
  8. Only change the HWID if you get banned.
  9. To return your PC to the original HWID, just restart your PC.
Elysium VIP Spoofer FAQ 3
Elysium VIP Spoofer FAQ 4


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