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Elysium Warzone Menu

How to video

Elysium Warzone Menu Is one of the easiest menus to use and set up. Our menu will let you get more kills than you were ever able to get before and keep you on the top leader board. This Warzone menu has the most update out of any menu on the market.

Elysium also has a controller option as well.

To buy Elysium Warzone Menu please visit https://moddingpalace.com/product/elysium-cod/

Menu Options



No Recoil


Smooth Aim

Box and Skeletons


Health bar of players

Warning of close players

Loot ESP

Player hit area

Constant UAV


ESP Customization

How to redeem your key:

  1. Download the loader, please make a ticket or use the link provided in the email you get from us.
  2. Discord link: https://discord.gg/f8rspQJPrK
  3. Make sure battle.net and warzone is completely off.
  4. Run the loader as administrator
  5. Copy your key and press CTRL + V into the loader, the key should paste into the field, login and wait for the loader to say “Please open game…”
  6. Open your discord, go to user settings and the Game Overlay tab, make sure the “Enable in-game overlay.” option is on, and then start up your warzone.
  7. Once you are in the lobby, press F2 and wait for the menu to appear. You can open and close the menu using the insert key
  8. Vanguard must be off
    Have fun!
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