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Ethereal GTA V

Menu Info.

Website: https://etherealmenu.cn/

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/etherealsoftware

To buy Link: https://moddingpalace.com/product/ethereal-gta-v

How to Redeem your Key.

follow the steps to redeem your key :

  1. Create an account and password without special characters.
  2. Go to your Account settings/ Account upgrade.
  3. Paste your key in the section Purchase.
  4. Press on Purchase.
  5. Join our Discord for further instructions and verification.

How to install Menu:

  1. Download the Menu from There Website: https://etherealmenu.cn/
  2. Unzip the menu using 7zip: https://7-zip.org/

In Order To Run Ethereal Please Follow The following Steps :

  • 1. Disable Antivirus
    2. Download Ethereal Launcher.zip
    3. Unzip And Put The Ethereal Launcher Folder On The Main screen/Desktop.
    4. Run The Game And Go To SP/Story mode.
    5. Open the Ethereal Launch Folder And Run As Admin The Ethereal Launcher.
    6. The Installation Will Start And It Will Ask You To Login in.
    7. After First Time Inject Restart The Game.
    8. Add 2 exclusions to the antivirus:
  • C:/Ethereal Folder
  • Ethereal Launcher Folder.

9. Run The Ethereal Launcher In SP/Story.

Menu Key: F8 numpad *

I have a message Ethereal Engine HWID mismatch or Ethereal HWID mismatch?

Ethereal engine HWID mismatch :

The only way to reset an engine hwid mismatch is to open a Verification-support ticket on discord.

Ethereal HWID Mismatch :

Ethereal hwid mismatch you can reset by logging in to your account on the forum and scrolling down to HWID Reset

The app says preparing… and after that, an error message with the expected time took longer than usual.

The connection between ethereal and your engine is too long-delayed this can have several reasons :

  1. Check the step 9 installation guide.
  2. When you use VPN try another server.
  3. You can select several engine servers and try the other ones.

Ethereal App opens but when it updates it closes.

This can have several reasons :

  1. Corrupted .net files
  2. Windows files corrupted
  3. ToS policy not accepted.

In this case, always try to reinstall the application.

You can do that with the following steps :

  1. Go to Windows apps.
  2. Find Ethereal Engine
  3. Uninstall
  4. Refresh the .net and dot files.
  5. Reinstall from the original installer.

Crash on activation?

Crash on activation only appears for 1 reason and that’s when step 9 is not done correctly.

Check the installation guide in the .zip from the installer.

My application won’t start after the installation.

1. The required files are not installed correctly like .net and dot files 2. Step 9 in the installation guide is not done correctly.

If your menu will not work

PS :

For the users where the engine doesn’t guide to the Microsoft website here are the links for the needed files :



Make sure to install the latest versions of the Microsoft applications.

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