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How to redeem key: Lexis WebSite

Where is the Lexis folder: c:\Users<name?/Lexis

Translations: HERE

I’ve redeemed my key, how do I load Lexis?
To load Lexis, simply download the launcher from the website, login and load your game.

Lexis failed injecting, printing code 1 (126), what is this?
This simply means that you don’t have the required system modules installed for Lexis to run. Please download, extract, and run this to fix it.

How do I load ScriptHookV mods?
Simply place the .asi inside C:\Users\\Lexis\\scripthook\, and any additional files inside the GTAV directory (we currently don’t support .NET mods).

How do I create a theme?
You can edit the UI inside of settings, as well as save and load themes.

I crashed, how can I report this?
Open a ticket and send us your crash log, located at C:\Users\\Lexis\\crash.txt. Crashes reported that are caused by other players will be rewarded with a free license to share with your friends.

How can I change my open key(s)?
You can change the open key for keyboard/mouse and controller inside of Settings -> Open Keys.

Lexis 3
lexis error
Lexis 4

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