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How to redeem Key

Once you have your key in hand, you will need to access our website On the register tab, you will need to fill with your data but take care, you cant use its space and special characters if you made everything right, the site will display the dashboard, now you can download your product if you wanna add a new key, scroll down the page and put your key on redeem key, click on redeem and refresh the page.

First Run

Once you have activated your product you will need to execute him as administrator, once you made the login will create a file called account.json, if you used the wrong info you can delete this file. When you see the message: [i] Your have been logged successfully [i] Press any key to initialize injection.



it’s risky and optional, use it at your own risk

How to use recovery?

Make sure that you are in GTA and press insert. We recommend making this in a public session Before we start, keep some things in your mind:

  • Any recovery it’s safe for the entire life, r* will always try to patch
  • Isn’t any safe ammount, you can add 500M and don’t get banned, and some people got banned with only 10K
  • We will always try to support and do our best to always find new recovery methods, but this isn’t our focuse

Cayo perico Heist

This is the safest way to upgrade your account, we will add more heists in the future.

How to use it?

you will need 2 things:

  1. 1.The kosatka
  2. 2.Made the heist once

Go to your kosatka and set the heist options, but without looking at the table. We recommend you always switch the main target.

Special Cargo

This is the most complex recovery method that you will find on newway. To make this work correctly you need to have the hangar and have already made at least some deliveries, and obviously have crates prepared to be able to use the recovery you can disable the source cooldown and the sell cooldown but I don’t recommend it. In the first group, you have to put the number of crates that you will sell, and in the second you have to put a value to the crate, you will also to do some math, don’t go over 4.4M, after that, click on apply and sell

Instant Money

We have it 3 different methods in this group:

  1. 1.500k money
  2. 2.Vehicle export
  3. 3.time trial 100.1k

On the 500k method you only need to press once and will give you 500k, same thing on time trial but you will receive only 100kOn vehicle export method you have to put a value to export, 310k it’s the maximum value, and you can only use it 3M at day


How to add a header?

Go on C:\Users\ YOUR USER HERE \AppData\Roaming\NewWay\Textures\Header\

You need to split your gif in different frames, you can do this using this tool

Save your files and extract them on the folder Select all files and rename to nw

the output needs to be: nw (1).gif

nw (2).gif

nw (3).gif


you can only save 1 header.

How to add a background?

Go on C:\Users\ YOUR USER HERE \AppData\Roaming\NewWay\Textures\Background\

You will find 2 folders, GIF and Picture

Use the same tool to split the frames, in this case, you don’t need to rename them

But it’s a little bit different, you will need to create a folder and extract the files inside, but you don’t need to rename

To add a custom and static picture, go to the pictures folder inside textures and save the picture, you can use it png, svg, jpeg, etc…

Config System

How config system works

On the menu settings, you can save and load all your config, every time you load the menu will automatically load the configs on C:\Users\ YOUR USER \AppData\Roaming\NewWay\Configs

if you wanna delete the config you only need to erase the file .json on this folder

You can also load custom translations on newway, you only need to add the custom translation file to C:\Users\ YOUR USER \AppData\Roaming\NewWay\Translations You can take our default translation file here


My newway don’t open

Make sure you have the latest version of windows installed, along with the necessary (C++) for execution.

Error: “SSL Pinning Failed! (Try to uninstall Fiddler, Wireshark, etc)”- Something on your pc it’s changing your public key, try to uninstall these programs, this can also be caused by programs like FileZilla and etc any FTP connection that changes your web certify

Error: “Failed to Inject!”– Close the game and try to inject again

Error: “Invalid HWID”– Reset your hwid on the website

Error: “Invalid username or password”– Open the account.json(it’s on the same folder of the loader) and see if you’re using it’s right

Error: “Access expired”– This account don’t have it access to the menu anymore

Error: “You are hwid banned”– Your reseller/Our staff revoked your key

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