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Raiden GTA V Mod Menu FAQ

How to install

Please go to the Raiden website at Raiden

2. The home tab, paste your key in key redemption, then click Redeem Key.

3. Make sure your Anti-Virus is turned off and click the Download Launcher.

How to inject menu:

1. Open GTA V and load into story mode

2. Open the Raiden updater, enter your username and password from the Raiden website. Wait for the updater to finish the download.

3. The menu will show up with your username and password and you will click login.

4. Click GTA V on the load button.

5. When the menu injects the menu button to open the menu is F12 or * on your number pad.

Menu Controls

  • Open Menu: NUMPAD * | F12
  • Move up: NUMPAD 8 | Up Arrow
  • Move Down: NUMPAD 2 | Down Arrow
  • Scroll Left: NUMPAD 4 | Left Arrow
  • Scroll Right: NUMPAD 6 | Right Arrow
  • Toggle / Enter submenu: NUMPAD 5 | Enter
  • Go back: NUMPAD 0 | Backspace

To buy this menu please visit: https://moddingpalace.com/product/raiden/

Raiden GTA V Mod Menu is a great menu for the price. This menu has great protections for the entry-level menus. Raiden GTA V Mod Menu will help you with the heist and general gameplay. Their staff has your game safety in mind. Please if you like come to our discord so we can show you Raiden GTA V Mod Menu in action.

My Raiden GTA V Mod Menu keeps crashing.

Run Grand Theft Auto V in windowed borderless, and disabling Pause Game on Focus loss in Grand Theft Auto V/Graphics settings.

When I try and auth it says HWID/IP invalid.

It means you’re either sharing your key, on a new computer, or on a new network, please contact an admin with your key. Admins will ask you for your key without you initiating the conversation.

My game is crashing every 20-30 minutes.

Ensure you’re playing Grand Theft Auto V in windowed, or windowed borderless mode, and have the Pause game on focus loss disabled. Delete the Raiden folder located in AppData. Ensure your antivirus is disabled, and try again.

What is ImGui and NativeUI?

ImGui uses Direct3D to render the menu. NativeUI used in-game functions, such as the ones that render the interaction menu to draw Raiden.

Why is my computer detected the Mod Menu injector as a Trojan/Virus ?

Because adware and malware can sometimes utilize an injection strategy similar to Raidens, or any menu for that matter, it will trigger a false positive. Raiden isn’t a trojan, it’s just because in the past virus have done things this way because it’s easier to target apps than write fake ones. We have no need for crypto-miners, keyloggers, token loggers, or passwords. That goes against our (soon) privacy policy. Raiden is here to make you feel safe in multiplayer games, which includes protecting your data on our platform as used. The Raiden injector only executes what you see get executed for the duration of your Grand Theft Auto V play session.


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