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Rebound Mod Menu FAQ

Menu Options


How to install

Once you buy a Rebound GTA license key, you can download the rebound loader from here ).

The file will look like a simple .exe file, you can place the file wherever you wish.

Once you’ve downloaded the loader, you can open it, this is what it will look like.

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 11

To activate Rebound, navigate to the activation panel tab, fill in your username and password, paste in your license key, press activate,s and wait a few seconds. Here’s what the activation panel looks like!

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 12

Once you get the “Activation Successful” screen, you will be able to access rebound from the login panel.

This is what the product panel looks like, once you’re logged in

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 13

To load Rebound in GTA V, simply press “Load” after having selected the version of the product you would like to use. Make sure you’re loaded in story mode when you load your menu in-game.

If an HWID error is displayed upon starting the loader, simply navigate to the “User Panel” tab and press “Reset HWID”.

The menu will be downloaded by the loader every time the “Load” button is pressed, there is no need to ever “update” anything, the loader might have to be re-downloaded in case of updates to it are announced, but the menu itself is self-updating since it’s constantly downloaded from the server.


If you have issues injecting the software, please follow the steps below on how to troubleshoot.

I will start with how you can get help quickly and accessible to our users, make your way to your Discord and verify yourself, once that is done,
open a ticket and state your issue clearly.

Possible troubleshooting fixes:
1. VCRUNTIME140_1.dll : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-160 (You only need to install X86 and X64)
2. The link above shall contain everything needed to fix any issues Visual Studio C++ related.
3. After installing Visual Studio C++ Redistributables, please restart your computer.
4. Once back on Desktop after restarting, please navigate to your %temp% folder, this is where all the temporary files for applications you ran on your computer will be stored.
5. This can be easily reached by holding down your Windows key + R, and typing in %temp%, and pressing enter.
6. Hold down CTRL + A while inside the %temp% folder and delete everything in there. (Yes, some items will not delete, skip them).
7. After deleting the files from %temp%, make your way to your Recycle Bin and delete everything.
8. Lastly, restart your computer one more time and once back at Desktop, launch GTA and once in story mode try to inject.
9. If this troubleshooting guide did not work for you, make your way to our Discord and open a ticket after verifying yourself.
10. If this guide worked for you, enjoy!

Applications to close while using Rebound to avoid any issue:
1. IDA
2. ProcessHacker
3. Cheat Engine
4. X64DBG
5. Wireshark
6. Any other kind of network / local debugger

XML cars how to:

Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Rebound.
Navigate to the Vehicles folder.
Extract inside the XML folder all the files contained in the pack that you’ve downloaded earlier.


Placing the vehicle files in the wrong section (ex. Dragging XML vehicles into the JSON folder)
Trying to use unsupported file extensions
Dragging the whole zip file in the folder (you will need to extract vehicle files)

INI cars how to:

  1. Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\\Documents\Rebound.
  2. Navigate to the Vehicles folder.
  3. Extract inside the INI folder all the files contained in the pack that you’ve downloaded earlier.

JSON cars how to:

  1. Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\\Documents\Rebound.
  2. Navigate to the Vehicles folder.
  3. Extract inside the JSON folder all the files contained in the pack that you’ve downloaded earlier.

How to open the menu

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 14

What verisons does the menu work on.

Windows 11 is stable

Rebound Heist Editor (Cayo Perico): How to use? 

1. Pay for the Cayo Perico heist (20k initial setup cost) and finish it off legitimately at least once, otherwise, it’s risky to edit it. The same goes for the casino heist.
2. Pay for it again, and don’t do anything else. Pay the 20k initial setup cost than just sit in the submarine with the menu injected.
3. Disable all protections. Nothing must stay on or you risk bugging out the missions.

4. Open recovery -> heist editor -> Cayo Perico and set it up like so for maximum payout:

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 15

5. Make sure the primary target is the most expensive one, by clicking on this after selecting the primary target submenu:

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 16

6. Press Apply Edits! and the Finale should be available with a maximum of 11m as a payout. Cheat through the whole mission with TP and aimbot, collect the keycards dropped by guards around the villa after you’re done murdering everyone, then get down in the vault, steal the statue, steal the two gold piles, and flee with teleport.

NOTE: Rockstar has implemented a limit that prevents you from earning more than 2.550.000$ per run or more than 4.100.000$ per hour from this heist. Run the casino heist as well to maximize your payouts, and edit the Cayo heist’s parameters accordingly to not go past 2.55m$ per run.

How to use translations

 I will explain how you can create translations for the GTA V Rebound menu.

First, make sure you’ve started your menu at least once, then navigate to the C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\Rebound\Translations folder.

In this folder, you will be able to store all of the available Rebound translations in JSON format.

You can start by creating a simple JSON file containing nothing. This is as simple as Right Click > New > Text document, name it whatever you want, the name does not matter, neither does the extension. For this tutorial, we’ll go for a simple sample translation named sample.json.

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 17

Once the file has been created, we can open it. (Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, or any other text editor work just fine).

Paste this in the file to get started translating the menu!

Rebound Mod Menu FAQ 18

On the left, you can see the label as the menu shows it in-game, on the left, you can put something else that the menu will use and show instead of the regular text. This works with pretty much all labels inside the menu, please open a ticket if there’s a missing label.

As you can see, translations are based on the JSON file format for simplicity.

Once you are done doing your translation work, you can load it in the menu pretty easily.

If you’ve placed the file in the correct folder, navigate to Settings -> Translation, and you will find your translation right there!

Now simply click on it, and watch the magic happen!
Simply beautiful. Of course, Rebound supports Chinese characters just fine, provided that your system and your game have the Chinese character set installed, which it does if you’re Chinese / installed the game from the CN region.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the translation guide, don’t forget to open tickets and report bugs regularly if you find any! We’ll be happy to fix any issues.


  1. Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\\Documents\Rebound.
  2. Navigate to the Map Mods folder.
  3. Extract inside the Map Mods folder all the files contained in the pack that you’ve downloaded earlier.


  1. Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\\Documents\Rebound.
  2. Navigate to the Outfits folder.
  3. Extract all the files from the pack you’ve downloaded earlier inside the Outfits folder.


  1. Open your Rebound folder located in C:\Users\\Documents\Rebound.
  2. Navigate to the ScriptHookV folder.
  3. Extract inside the ScriptHookV the desired script.
  4. If you want to install menyoo you will also need to drag the “menyoostuff” folder inside your GTA V directory

Quick Fixes

  1. Install C++ Runtimes from this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-160

Once you’ve done that restart your pc.

  1. Wipe the content on your %temp% folder
  • Open your Windows searchbar
  • Type %temp%
  • Press enter
  • Select everything and delete
  1. Delete your ReBound folder
  • Open your file explorer
  • Navigate on Documents
  • Delete the Rebound folder
  1. You may also want to try to verify your game files integrity through your GTA Launcher

Make sure the loader is running as admin.

Always inject once you have loaded in story mode. Injecting in online will inevitably cause stability issues, or instantly crash.

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