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Ring-1 Mod Menu is the far best mod menu to give you the right shots to win your game. You will then on the top score list with Ring-1 Mod Menu in your game. You can not go wrong with Ring-1 Mod Menu, it will keep you coming back for more wins over your game lobby.

IF you like to buy a Ring-1 product please visit https://moddingpalace.com/product-category/ring-1/

How to:

To receive the product key, please join the Modding Palace discord server. Once in go to bot commands and type -new . This will open a ticket, please then fill out the form as seen under #order-help. This will allow us to pass on your product key and run through some basics to get the product installed and running. Please get in touch with us within 48 hours of the purchase in order to receive your license as quickly as possible (if you do not have discord you can contact us via live chat on site and we can help you that way)

-Before Install-

○ Ensure BIOS is set to UEFI and your Windows is using the GPT Scheme
Check if GPT: open CMD – type diskpart > type list disk – Make sure there is an asterisk under the GPT tab
Guide on installing Windows GPT: #windows-gpt

○ Ensure Secure Boot is DISABLED in your BIOS
(IF you cannot find the disable option you will need to DELETE the security keys instead, refer to your motherboard manual or google your motherboard online for a guide)

○ Ensure Intel Virtualization (VT-X) is ENABLED in your BIOS

○ Ensure that you are running Windows Version 1909 or 2004

○ Completely disable Windows Defender ()

○ Uninstall all Antivirus software from your system
(Use Revo Uninstaller to remove ALL traces)

○ Disable SuperFetch & SysMain Services.

○ Ensure your computer’s time is synchronized with the internet.
(Guide here: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/synchronize-clock-windows-10-with-internet-atomic-time/)

○ Disable all OVERLAYS (Geforce Experience, MSI Afterburner, Xbox Gamebar, Discord, Steam etc)

○ Disable Windows Updates (OPTIONAL)
(Some new updates are not compatible with our loader when released. Disabling updates will ensure you don’t run into any compatibility issues.)

Loader: https://mega.nz/file/etFT1YSC#nyNt6luCSNDDRq_I_SvuH-oBTpPkjlg9ZHPxrpJ8uws

Menu Keys:

DEL (Open Menu) | END (Panic Key)

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