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With this Stand GTA V FAQ, you will have everything at your fingertips to help you threw redeeming your key and set up of menu.

To buy Stand GTA V please visit: HERE

How to redeem your key.

1. Please head over to https://stand.gg/account/register/, input your key, and press on the button
2. After that, a txt file will be downloaded that will include your Account ID
3. Use that Account ID to login, https://stand.gg/account/login/
4. Once you have logged in, you can download the Launcher.

How to activate with the Stand GTA V FAQ

Go to the Stand website and copy your Activation Key while in the menu option below

stand pic 1
Then press – 5 to paste the activation key

Menu key

Keyboard: F4

Stand Full Features List


Basic Feature List

  • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time
  • Rockstar ID Tools
  • Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)
  • Unlock All Achievements

And while you’re in Story Mode:

  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Bone ESP

Regular Feature List

  • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time
  • Personal Vehicles Section
  • Type Out Player Names
  • Paste In Chat Message
  • Sing In Chat
  • Become A Script Host Kleptomaniac
  • Web Interface
  • Radio Stations Manager
  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Bone ESP
  • Rockstar ID Tools
  • Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)
  • Unlock All Achievements

Ultimate Feature List

Everything from Regular
Player Tracker
Crash Reaction
Host Tools
Chat Spammer
Break Sessions But Join Fast
Kick Host When Joining As Next In Queue

Troubleshooting Stand

The Launchpad doesn’t open

  • Make sure you’re either using Windows 10 or above, or have the .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime installed.
  • Right-click the Launchpad and click “Troubleshoot compatibility.”

Injecting Stand has no effect

  • Click “Open Stand Folder” in the Launchpad, delete the “Bin” folder there, then try again.
  • Make sure you have the Visual C++ Redistributables installed.
  • Make sure you’re either using Windows 10 or above, or have the Universal CRT Runtime installed.

My issue was not addressed

  • Disable your anti-virus and see if it works. If it does, set up exclusions such that it continues working when your AV is enabled.

Stand Protections Guide

This guide will help you understand Stand’s protection settings and how to get the most out of them.

Default Configuration

Stand’s default protections configuration blocks most things a modder might throw at you, as long as blocking them won’t break missions.

Stand also detects, logs, and attempts to fix some bad states the game might be in — some of these behaviors can be configured, like the Script Error Recovery.

For Your Consideration

As mentioned above, Stand will not block events that are used in missions by default, but they might still be abused by modders. Here’s some of these for your consideration:

  • Events > Apartment Invite — Used to teleport you to an apartment. Consider blocking when not doing missions.
  • Events > Freeze — Used to freeze you. Consider blocking when not doing missions.
  • Events > Raw Network Events > Explosion — They’re everywhere, and they look amazing. Without explosions, GTA Online just looks weird, so you shouldn’t block this, but consider notifications so you can pinpoint the source of unusual explosions, including blamed kills.
  • Events > Raw Network Events > NETWORK_PTFX_EVENT — Used for the orbital cannon’s explosion in free mode or sparks on your drill in missions, but can also be abused by modders to fill your screen and make you lag. Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > GIVE_WEAPON_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > REMOVE_WEAPON_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > REMOVE_ALL_WEAPONS_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.

On Raw Network Events

This is, as the name implies, a very “raw” section, and it is really easy to break the game by blindly blocking everything. With that in mind, here’s some things you should not touch, and why you shouldn’t touch them.

  • REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT — Blocking this will cause people around you to be unable to drive their vehicles, and if those people are modders, expect kicks and crashes coming your way. Take a look at Events > Vehicle Takeover, instead.
  • NETWORK_CHECK_EXE_SIZE_EVENT — Blocking this will make you unable to join sessions.
  • KICK_VOTES_EVENT — More intelligent reactions can be found in Online > Reactions > Vote Kick Reactions.

And just in general, don’t block it if you don’t understand its impact of it. Instead, consider enabling notifications on it, seeing what it correlates with, and only when you fully grasp it and decide you don’t want it, should you block it.

Money Guide

This document explains all GTA Online money methods that you can do with Stand right now.

Rig Slot Machines

R* limits this to about GTA$ 50,000,000 per 24-hours, but due to the luck aspect, they can’t properly patch it. However, they are quick to ban you for earning money via this method if your account has anti-cheat flags, which is why we advise against using this money method if you have used or are using other menus on your account. Furthermore, you should lose a few times after every win, to avoid temporarily losing access to the slot machines.

Sell Gifted Vehicles

You can use Stand’s “Gift Spawned Vehicle” feature on yourself to get some nice vehicular assets, following our guide here. However, if you decide to go selling your garage’s new fillings, keep within the safe limits:

  • Not more than 2 sales per 2 real-world hours.
  • Not more than 7 sales per 30 real-world hours.

Cayo Perico Heist

Getting this heist set up is quite easy thanks to our “Quick Progress” options, and completing the heist itself will also be quite easy with the movement options or just good ol’ teleporting.

Note that R* has implemented a limit that prevents you from earning more than $2.550.000 per run or more than $4.100.000 per hour from this heist.

Sell Value

Most vehicles obtained this way won’t be sellable or will only sell for GTA$50,000, but some Arena War vehicles will sell for up to GTA$1,000,000 if you spawned them fully tuned. We recommend the Future Shock Deathbike (deathbike2) for this purpose.

However, you should keep within the safe limits when selling vehicles:

  • Not more than 2 sales per 2 real-world hours.
  • Not more than 7 sales per 30 real-world hours.

Filling The Garage

There are a few ways to fill a garage:

  • Buying free vehicles on legendarymotorsport.net
  • Stealing cheap vehicles from NPCs
  • Spawning cheap vehicles, like the Ruffian (ruffian)


Sometimes the game thinks you’re driving the vehicle into a different garage, to fix this, simply take any vehicle out of the target garage, drive it back in, and try again.


Click HERE

Streaming With Stand

We understand that GTA Online’s community is rotten, and unfortunately most software similar to ours is poorly made, thus giving you the choice between being protected or playing the game. Here at Stand, we strive to create high-quality software with reasonable defaults such that it is viable for an enhanced yet legitimate experience.

However, we also understand that our software is controversial and likely prohibited by a contract you have agreed to, and while we are confident in the quality of what we have created, you’d still be taking a risk, even with all the options we’ve added that can make Stand completely invisible to viewers.

Making Stand Invisible

Once you’ve got Stand all set up and completed the tutorial, you’ll want to head over to Stand > Settings > Appearance > Stream-Proof Rendering and enable it to make sure our stream-proof DirectX hook works for you.

While Stream-Proof Rendering makes the most noticeable difference, there still are many small things that are enabled by default that may be noticed; for that, we have created a streaming profile that disables all of these things. To use it, drop it into your Profile folder, load it, and make sure to set it as your active profile, so it is automatically loaded the next time you inject Stand.

Some of the things that are disabled with it:

  • Stopping the game from bailing when you’ve been in the clouds for 60 seconds (Online > Protections > Block Bailing > Other Reasons)
  • Hiding chat advertisements locally (Online > Chat > Reactions > Advertisement)
  • Menu navigation sounds (Stand > Settings > Sound Effects)

Covert Injection

We can only recommend to not use desktop capture, as there’s little we can do to hide Stand from it. However, you might find some use in checking out alternative injection methods, for example using the DLL so you don’t need to have the Launchpad on your PC, if you don’t have a place to hide it. Stand itself will store itself in %appdata%\Stand and not be noticeable in your game folder, unless you use the auto-inject DLL.

On using Stand while streaming

Obviously, you want to ignore that it’s there and just let it enhance the game, block kicks and crashes, etc.

Putting your attention on something that’s not the game or the chat might be noticeable unless there’s a distraction like a cutscene.

Even if you do have a distraction, you’ll want to stay away from most features, as most things are noticeable. With some notable exceptions being:

  • Protections / Event Reactions
  • Player Bar
  • Info Overlay
  • Anything another modder in session may have reasonably done to you.

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