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Utopia FAQ

Utopia FAQ

How to install menu

Injecting Utopia Step
1: Download the loader from https://utopia.lol/
2: Ensure your anti-virus is properly turned off. Double click on Utopia.exe and give it admin permissions.
3: Log in with your account credentials
4: Open GTA, load into either Online or Story Mode then click “Load” on the Loader and wait.
5: If the injection is successful, the loader will close and the menu will automatically appear in-game.
Please join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/f8rspQJPrK
We have 24-hour support.

Menu Key

( Menu + Controller + Numpad ) Controls
open menu – F4 / * key on numpad
up – up arrow / num8
down – down arrow / num2
left – left arrow / num4
right – right arrow / num6
action/enter – enter key
back – Backspace / num0

60% keyboard users
fn+4 – open / close
fn + I J K L – to navigate

hotkeys – F11

Controls for controller:
+| Open/Close : L + R Sticks
+| Back + Close : B [Xbox] / O [PS4]
+| Select : A [Xbox] / X [PS4]

hover over the action you want to hotkey, press F11 then press any key to bind that key to that action

Lua Guide:

You can find our Lua API Documentation here: https://dash.utopia.lol/LuaDocumentation

We allow you to share scripts the old-school way in a file format where others have to manually put them in their local Luas folder (in Your Documents -> Utopia -> Luas).

But for public releases and standalone luas we recommend you use our Cloud Infrastructure.
You can upload luas from the dashboard and all users will automatically be able to download it remotely with just 1 Click.

This adds several benefits to the old system:

  • the new system has unequaled security benefits: Since the script source code is strictly locked away in our cloud, other users will never see it. This adds several layers of security to your script and allows you to keep your copyright and prevent others from pasting or reusing your code if you don’t want them to.
  • One of the largest libraries available with full native support, a broad spectrum of menu options, and a lot more. If you can think of any other function you want to see in our library, feel free to create a ticket and let us know!
  • Convenience and efficiency are very important to us. The One Click Installation makes it really easy for anybody to enjoy your work and you don’t need a computer science degree to install scripts manually.
  • We already have various Premade Scripts ready to use, but would love for you to join us in the development of more. It’s worth it for you, trust me!
  • Incredible speed and stability are other benefits. Utopia is as stable as any menu can be and transfers that level to the Lua scripts. We actively handle all exceptions and even if a script makes a mistake and causes unrecoverable faults, Utopia will stand strong and keep working.
  • Lastly, and most importantly we have our active reward system that makes it worth it for you to develop scripts with us:
    We want to encourage lua developers to work with us and aspiring devs to join in on the fun. We value your time, dedication, and work and want to give you something back. With our Cloud System, it is very easy to track downloads of Luas and we will give prices to the most downloaded lua scripts every month. These prices range from keys and virtual items to real money!

Menu Issues

HWID: Can be reset 2 times then you will have to make a ticket on the Utopia Discord

Menus come up as a virus: Turn off anti-virus.


Account Recoveries Activity Limitations restart at
[ EDT 1AM ]
+ | Los Angeles : 22:00
+ | New York : 01:00
+ | Brazil : 02:00
+ | London : 06:00
+ | Paris : 07:00
+ | Kyiv : 08:00
+ | Beijing : 13:00
+ | Tokyo : 14:00

When you use multiple accounts with Utopia will give out different results, to when you can use recoveries on the accounts.

If you use recoveries on One Account on Day 1 and use recoveries it will be fine,
But if you use a Second Account on the same Day (1) before the limitations reset EDT 1AM, you will need to wait another whole day.

as the account counter goes up by 1 for every account you use on Utopia, if you use another account with Utopia on the same day the counter will be 2
meaning that you have to wait twice for EDT 1AM to go past meaning you will be able to use recoveries after the 2nd night

How to do a Recovery

How to get the Tuner Shop


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