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Victory FAQ

Authentication Keys – The way that logins to the menu are handled is by changing
You must get your Authentication Key (not your license key) from the Dashboard. Currently, it is on the main page but will have its own page in the future.
Your Authentication Key changes once daily, and cannot be used once it has expired. We recommend logging into the website first and getting your Auth Key before loading just in case it has passed (the loader will tell you anyway.

Menu Website: https://victory.menu/
License Redeem: https://victory.menu/redeem
Modding Palace Discord: https://discord.gg/f8rspQJPrK

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Victory FAQ 7

To Redeem

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Victory FAQ 8
  • Go to Download Menu
  • Make sure your Anti-Virus is turned off.
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Victory FAQ 9

Run the loader

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Victory FAQ 10
  • Press #1
  • Go to website and get your AUTHENTICATION KEY
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Victory FAQ 11
  • With that key, you will input it into the loader
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Victory FAQ 12

How do I open the menu?
Press F8 on your keyboard when injected.

How do I open the Protections Menu?
Press F7 on your keyboard when injected (COMING SOON)

What languages are there?
Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Korean and Spanish.

I am seeing “Missing translation”, what does this mean?
Where you see this message on an option in the menu, please open a ticket and let us know where you found this message and we will fix it

How do I get my Authentication Key?
Your key is on the right-hand side on https://victory.menu/dashboard.

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