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Ilusion Engine Mod Menu

To buy Ilusion Engine Mod Menu please got to https://moddingpalace.com/product/ilusion-menu/

Ilusion Engine Mod Menu has a great recovery and great options, and very good protections as well. Ilusion Engine Mod Menu team has your back when it comes to your account safety. The recovery for Ilusion Engine Mod Menu uses chips and is very safe to use.

How to install Ilusion Engine Mod Menu v2:

1- download the new loader one the website
2- unzip
3- delete the ilusion folder from c drive (make sure to remember your key!)
4- open gta and load into story mode
5- open the loader, login, whatever
6- press “download”
7- after the download is completed, press inject
8- ? have fun!

How to use the casino method on Ilusion Engine Mod Menu:

1- get some chips
2- sit down at any casino table (i recommend diamond miner)
3- enable the feature
4- spin to desired amount


How I Would Load the New Ilusion Engine Mod Menu:

1- load into story mode
2- inject
3- start a new public session from the menu!
4- done


Crash On Inject – delete the ilusion folder from c drive

How To Use Ilusion Engine Mod MenuI

Open Menu F4

Fix Vehicle F5

Teleport To Way point F6

Teleport To Objective F7

Skip Cut scene F8

Leave Online (Bail From Session) Numpad +

Vehicle Rockets* = Set custom value on int/float Options PGUP

No Clip Upwards PGDN

No Clip Downwards Mouse Support

Mouse Scroll UP/DOWN, Left Click = Enter, Right Click = Back space

This is a lifetime Product which provides Unlimited Access to the Mod Menu

Ilusion Engine Mod Menu Options:

Show Player Info

  • Shows some information about the player in your session.

Players List

  • List that includes all the players in your session.


  • Display the information about the City, Region from the player.

Teleport Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

  • Options to teleport the selected player.

Script Event Options (SubMenu from Network Options)


  • Options to Send an Invite message for a player.


  • Options to Send a message for a player.

Sound Spam

  • It will send a loud sound (notification) to a player.

Remote Off the Radar

  • Enables the Off the Radar remotely for a player.

Cops Blind Eye

  • It’s a Never Wanted-like for a player.

Camera Spam

  • It will spam the camera in a player.

Never Wanted

  • Remove the police from a player.

Send to Job

  • It will send a player to a Job.

CEO Kick

  • It will kick a player from their CEO.


  • It will ban a player from their CEO.

Infinite Loading Screen

  • It will send a player to an Infinite Loading Screen.

Kick Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Kick (Host)

  • It will kick a player as a Host.

Non-Host Kick

  • Kick a player without being a Host.

Drop Kick

  • Alternative way to kick as a Host.

Fake Leave

Pickup Kick

  • Kick a player using the “Pickup Objects” method.

Protection Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Delete All Options

  • These options will detach any object/ped/vehicle from a player.

Object Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

  • Used to attach an object to a player.

Vehicle Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Vehicle Spawner

  • Spawn a Vehicle for a Player.

Troll Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Spectate Player

  • It will spectate a player.

Fuck Their Cam

  • Exactly what it read, it will fuck the cam from a player.

Explode Player

  • Explodes a Player.

Water Player

  • Send Water to a player.

Fire Player

  • Send Fire to a player.

Freeze Player Task

  • It will freeze a player.

Attach to Player

  • Attach yourself to a player.

Cage Player

  • It will send a cage to the player.

Blame Player

  • Explodes the whole session using his name.

Airstrike Player

  • Sends an AirStrike to a player.

Ram Player

  • Sends a Vehicle to Ram in a player.

Remove All Weapons

  • Remove All Weapons to a player.

Give All Weapons

  • Gives All Weapons to a player.

Clone Player

  • It will clone the player character.

Crash Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Crash V1, V2, V3

  • Classic Ped Crash a Player.

Show Profile

  • Show the player profile in SocialClub.

Send Friend Request

  • Send a Friend Request to a player.

Copy Infos

  • Copy information about the player, information like RID, IP, etc.

Change Script Host to this Player

  • It will attempt to change the Script Host for a player.

Add to Blacklist

Friend List (SubMenu from Network Options)

  • List of your friends.

Blacklisted Players (SubMenu from Network Options)

Enable Blacklisted Players

  • It will enable the Blacklist mode.

Refresh List

  • This option will refresh your Blacklist list.


  • Decide what you’re gonna do with the Blacklisted player.

Session Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Show Server Info

  • This option will show the information about the session.

Streamer Mode

  • Used to ‘hide’ your name and the other players name.

Session Finder

  • You can select what type of session you want to join.

Detect Joining Player

  • This option will detect the Joining Players and will send you a notification.

Detect Leaving Player

  • This option will detect the Leaving Players and will send you a notification.

Save Chat Messages

  • This option will save the complete log of the chat inside the Ilusion folder.

Chat Censor

  • This option will disable the Chat Censoring (like ******).

Force Script Host

  • This Option will attempt to force you to be the new Script Host.

Spoofer Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

All the Spoof Options

  • Use these Options to Spoof your RID, IP, Stat or Name.

All Players Options (SubMenu from Network Options)

Teleport Options

  • Teleports the whole session.

Script Event Options

  • Send Script Events to the Whole Session.

Protection Options

  • It will remove the attachments from the Whole Session.

Troll Options

Exclude Me

  • Excludes You from any of the Options Above.

Exclude Friends

  • Excludes your Friends from any of the Options Above.


  • Enable the ESP (Wallhack).

ESP Name

  • Enable the ESP Name.

Version Mismatch Crash

Change Lobby TIme

  • Change the Lobby Time from the Session.

Change Session Weather

  • Change the Session Time from the Session.

RID Toolkit

  • A ‘toolkit’ that includes the Joiner (as Spectator or Normal), Convert Name to RID.
  • NOTE: To use the Joiner, you need to have at least ONE FRIEND ADDED!

Chat Commands

  • Commands for the other players (IT WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU, ONLY THE OTHER PLAYERS!)


Vision Options

  • Change your Vision.


  • Change your Character Animation.

Speech Options

  • Trigger a Speech (only works in Story Mode.).

Model Changer

  • Change your Character Model.

Walking Styles

  • Change your Walking Style.

PTFX Options

  • Trigger an Effect in your Character.

Screen Effects

  • Trigger a Screen Effect.

Outfit Editor

  • A Basic Outfit Editor.

Player Opacity

  • Changes the Opacity from your Character.



  • Makes you Invisible.

Never Wanted

  • It will remove the Police and you’ll not get Wanted again.

No Ragdoll

Super Melee

Slow Mode

  • Everything will slow down.

Super Jump

  • You’ll jump higher.

No Target

  • It will attempt to make you ‘undetect’ to a few NPCs.

Speed Run

  • Makes you run faster.

Fast Swim

  • Makes you swim faster.

Mobile Radio

Tiny Player

  • Makes you Character small.


  • Applies an invisible force to your character, use it with Godmode.


  • A simple ‘superman’ mode that you can fly around the map, you need to have a Parachute.

Dragon Breath

  • A fire will come out from your character’s mouth.

Health Gen

  • Faster Health Regeneration.

Clean Player Blood

  • Exactly what it reads, it will clean any Blood from your Character Clothes.


  • Suicides yourself.

Set Custom Wanted Level

  • It will set the Wanted Level to any value you want.


Los Santos Customs

  • Options to Customize your Vehicle.


  • Enable the Speedometer for your Vehicle.

Delete Current Vehicle

  • Delete the Vehicle you’re on.


  • Enables Godmode for your Vehicle.


  • With this option you won’t fall off the bikes.

Drift Mode

  • Makes your car ‘drifty’.

Smooth Rainbow

  • Enables a Smooth rainbow effect for your Vehicle.

Fast Rainbow

  • Enables a Fast rainbow effect for your Vehicle.

Horn Boost

  • Press the Horn Boost to make your Vehicle faster (and probably fly).

Invisible Car

  • Makes your Car Invisible.

Vehicle Rockets

  • Your Vehicle will shoot Rockets.

Drive on Water

  • Exactly what it reads, it will make your Vehicle drive on water.

Matrix Plates

  • This option will rapidly change your Plate.

Custom Plate

  • Change the Plate to any Name you want.

Sticky Vehicle

  • Your vehicle will be forced to the ground.

Stick to the Ground

  • A Less aggressive variant of Sticky Vehicle.

Fix Vehicle Loop

  • It will fix your Vehicle everytime.

Vehicle Jump

Mega Auto Jump

  • A Customized variant of Vehicle Jump.

Fly Vehicle

  • Make your Vehicle Fly.

Engine Always On

  • Your vehicle Engine will not turn off.

Fix Vehicle

  • Fix your Vehicle.

Max Vehicle

  • Max Tune your Vehicle.

Open Doors

  • This option will open the doors from your Vehicle.

Close Doors

  • This option will close the doors from your Vehicle.

Reset Placement

  • Reset the position from your Vehicle.

Drive to Waypoint Options

  • Options to make an AI drive for you.

Emergency Mode

  • Everytime you get close to the NPC traffic, they’ll open the path for you.

Vehicle Alpha

  • Changes the Opacity from your Vehicle.


Weapon Stats

  • Change the Stat from your Weapon (like Damage, Recoil, etc.)

Give All Weapons

  • It will give all weapons for you.

Give All Attachments To Current Weapon

  • This option will give all the attachments to your Current Weapon

Give All Attachments to All Weapons

  • This option will give all the attachments to every Weapon.

Bullet Impact Type

  • Change the Type of your Weapon Bullet.

Bullet Impact Explosion

  • Change the Explosion Type of your Weapon.

Infinite Ammo

  • You’ll not run out of ammo.

Delete Gun

  • Your weapon will delete objects (like cars, doors, etc.)

Hash Gun

  • Show the Hash from an Object.

Missile Gun

  • This option will make your Weapon fire Missiles.

Explosive Ammo

  • Your weapon will shoot Explosive ammo.

Flame Ammo

  • Your weapon will shoot Flame ammo.

Water Ammo

  • Your weapon will shoot Water.

Firework Ammo

  • Your weapon will shoot Fireworks.

Shoot Vehicle

  • This option will make the Weapon Shoot Vehicles.

AirStrike Ammo

  • This option will make the Weapon shoot the AirStrike.

Rainbow Weapon

  • This option will randomly change the colors from your Weapon.

Teleport Gun

  • It will teleport you to the place you shoot.

Object Gun

  • It will shoot an Object.

Gravity Gun

Aimbot/Triggerbot Players/Peds

  • Aimbot for Players or Peds.

One Shot One Kill

  • A simple hit to kill a player or ped.

No Recoil

  • This option will remove the recoil from the actual weapon.

Rapid Fire

  • It will make your weapon fire faster.


Casino Options

Teleport to Casino

  • Teleports you to Casino.

Always Jackpot in Slot Machines

  • You’ll always win the jackpot in the Slot Machine.

Always 2.5M$ Prize

  • You can earn 2.5M in any Slot Machine.

Extend Chips Limit

  • Extends the Chips Limit to 2.1B.

Fast Spinning

  • The Slot Machine result will be faster.

Auto-Play Slot Machine

  • Play the Slot Machine Automatically.

Trigger Transaction

  • It will force the transaction of the Slot Machine.

Casino Sound/Anim

  • Used to mute the Slot Machines.

Bunker Options

Bunker Trigger Production

Bunker Trigger Research

  • Trigger the Research from your Bunker.

Unlock Bunker Research

  • Unlocks all the research (permanently) from your Bunker.

Misc Options

Add 24 days to the Total Playing Time

  • This option will add 24 days to your Total Playing Time Statistic.

Clear Player Mental State

  • Exactly what it reads. It will clear the player’s mental state.

Clear Total Earned/Spent Stats

  • This option will clear the Total Earned/Spent statistic.

Fix Total Earned with Betting Stat

  • This option will clear the Total Earning with Betting statistic.

Maximise Club Popularity

  • This option will maximise the Club Popularity.

Rank Options

  • Used to Change your Rank.

Unlock All

  • Unlock Everything. (read the NOTES channel from our Private Server!)

Unlock Extra Stuff

  • An Addon to Unlock All, unlocks extra stuff that isn’t included with Unlock All (read the NOTES channel from our Private Server!)

Unlock Returning Player Content

  • Unlocks four T-Shirts which they were given for the Returning Players (from PS3/X360)

Unlock All Achievements

  • Unlocks All the Achievements.

Unlock Gender Change

  • This option will unlock the Gender Change from the “Change Appearance” panel.

Unlock Penthouse Decorations

  • This option will unlock a few unreleased Decorations.

Unlock Casino Shop Stuff

Force Cloud Save

  • Force a Cloud Save anywhere, anytime.


Save Log of Protection

  • This option will save the log of the protection in a file located in the Ilusion Folder.

Network Events

Script Event Blocker

Entity Blocker getting attached by any Entity like a Vehicle, etc.

Crash Protections

  • Protection Against crashes.

Attachment Protection

  • Protections Against Attachments.

Other Protections

  • There isn’t much to mention here, except for the fact that if you enable Anti-Blame protection, you can’t kill anyone.


Traffic Options

  • Options related with Traffic, nothing to specially mention here.


  • Just the basic Tuneables options, nothing to mention here.

Off the Radar

  • Enables the Off the Radar for you.

Reveal Players

  • It will reveal the players for you.


R* Dev Mode

  • This option will enable the developer mode which you can join the SCTV and Spectate the other players and unlock some special Dev T-Shirts.

No Clip

Disable Phone

  • This option will disable the Phone.

Weapons in Interiors

AirStrike on Waypoint

  • Send an AirStrike on a Waypoint.

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