COD Blocker


Supported Games
Modern Warfare 2 (2022) / Warzone 2
Modern Warfare 2019 (Multiplayer / Warzone)
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COD Blocker

1 Month

Windows 8 – 11


Supported Games


COD Blocker is the ultimate HWID Blocker


The best reason to use our Blocker.

The Anti-Cheat blocks all HWIDs on your PC, It hides every one of them, including IP, and MAC ID.

This means that even if you change basic serials or change your location (IP) you will still be banned.


HWID Spoofer/Protector & Cleaner explained


The cleaner works automatically, it will delete files called trace files on your PC. These were purposely left on your PC by the game companies to track if your cheating, and if so they will not allow you to make a new account to cheat on. 

These game companies also automatically record your hardware ID, such as your Mac address, and your PC components ID. Everything you use, from a monitor to a mouse, all have hardware IDs that are recorded by game companies. It’s so that if your account is banned and you try to make a new account you will still not be able to play on that new account because the game recognizes all your hardware IDs it recorded before and have banned them after a shadowban or permanent ban. 

So that’s why an HWID Spoofer/Protector benefits you. An HWID Spoofer/Protector disguises all your hardware IDs so that they can never be recorded or banned. This means after your account gets banned from cheating you just simply create or load a new account and it will allow you to play on that without being detected from your previous ban.


FiveM global/server unban (Works for most servers)
Press the windows button and search open “run” search for %localappdata%. Delete local “DigitalEntitlements” folder/file Delete local FiveM “citizen” folder/file Delete local FiveM data “cache” folder/file Delete local AppData Roaming “CitizenFX” folder/file delete local FiveM “logs” folder/file
1a. Press the windows button and search open “run” search for %appdata%. Delete “Parsec” folder.
Get Revo Uninstaller and delete all Xbox Apps. (When uninstalling make sure to delete all strings/regs) Download Revo Uninstall at:
2b. Press the Windows button and search for “regedit” open it as admin. (Only if step 2 doesn’t work) Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography Delete content of “MachineGUID”
Unlink Discord in “Authorized Application”.
Open Discord
Click on settings (Near your name)
Under Privacy and Protections u will see Authorized Apps click it
You will eventually find Fivem, unauthorize it
Then navigate to AppData\Roaming\discord\0.0.306\modules and delete discord_rpc if you have it
When you open it again Fivem don’t authorize Discord
Use a new Steam account. (Unlink old) Simply close steam
Prepare a new rockstar Account and log in to FiveM.
Use a paid VPN. ((Recommended is Mysterium) Not necessary if you aren’t IP banned from the server) Download MysteriumVPN at:
Restart your PC and spoof. (Start the game and spoof again to make sure you are spoofed)




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