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Works on Intel & AMD

Windows 11 builds 21H2-22H2

Windows 10 builds from 20H2-22H2


Experience FC24 with the ability to teleport the ball and freeze it without detection. Empower your EAFC 24 gameplay with a range of cheats, including instant wins, boosted stats, opponent disconnection, and more


Notable Features:

ALT TAB BYPASS: Automatically enabled upon menu injection, this feature allows you to ALT-TAB out of the game without pausing when playing Squad Battles. You can activate it at any time.

DESYNC BYPASS: Also auto-enabled upon menu injection, it safeguards against the “Match under review error” that occurs when losing sync with the server. Activation in the Ultimate Team menu is required for teleporting the ball in online matches or avoiding losses in DRAFT MODE.

ANTI AFK: Removes the AFK timer in any online mode if you’re inactive for over 30 seconds.

NAME SPOOFER: Activating this in the Ultimate Team menu prevents opponents from reporting you during matches by concealing your EA profile. Note that determined players may still report you through EA support.

TIMED FINISHING: Enables perfect green-timed shots with a single press of the shot button. Please note that depending on your ping/jitter, it may not time the shots correctly on occasion.

FREEZE BALL: Freezes the ball 10-15 meters in the air, rendering it untouchable. Do not use this feature in online Ultimate Team modes like Rivals, Draft, or Weekend LEAGUE. Suitable for Squad Battles matches.

2M HALF SB: Speeds up matches in Squad Battles, reducing the total match time from 8 minutes to 4 real minutes.

UNLIMITED POINTS PRO CLUBS: Provides unlimited points in Pro Clubs mode for player customization.

Ultimate Team Enhancements:

99 STATS: Boosts all your squad players’ stats to 99, effective against PC and console players in any UT MODE.

UNLOCK ALL PLAYSTYLES+: Unlocks all possible TRAITS/PlayStyles(Golden) for your players, enhancing their abilities. Activation occurs in the Ultimate Team Menu.

FULL CHEMISTRY: Assign all your players to a single country, maximizing their chemistry points at 3/3. Opponents still see the original flags, ensuring your cover.

SKIP PACK ANIMATION: Allows you to skip any pack animation for faster openings in the Ultimate Team menu.

DRAFT ROUND MODIFIER: Adjusts the round of the draft match from 0-3 for quicker matchmaking. Activate in the Ultimate Team menu.

DIVISION SPOOFER: Alters the division you play in, facilitating matchups with different opponents. Use it wisely to optimize rewards.

OPPONENT NAME/PLATFORM: Automatically displays your opponent’s username and platform (PC/PS5/XBOX).

Player Attributes Customization:

Customize player attributes to your liking, including WEAKFOOT and POSITION. Save and load configurations for convenience.

Disconnect Options:

ALWAYS WIN: Needs activation in the Ultimate Team menu. Teleports the ball into the goal and disconnects you, awarding a 1-0 win. Use cautiously, as it carries a risk of account ban.

DISCONNECT MATCH: Ends the match for both you and your opponent, with the outcome favoring you if you’re leading, or canceling the match if it’s a draw or loss. Proceed with caution, as it also carries a risk of account ban.

AUTO WIN SB: Scoring 5 goals for you in Squad Battles, this feature accelerates goal celebrations, freezes the ball, and unfreezes it in 1 real minute instead of 8. Its safety is uncertain, so use it carefully.

Please be aware that using these features inappropriately or excessively can result in penalties or account bans. Use them responsibly and understand the associated risks.


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