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Elysium Vanguard VIP


If you’re looking for the best menu for Vanguard, This is the one. Best aim-bot, UAV, Unlock all, and so much more. You can save your configs on your F Keys from Legit, Simi-Legit, Rage, and Silent aim.


Showcase: Here


Special Features:

  • Unlock All
  • Special Chats
  • 10 Slots For Saving Configs

360 Silent Aim:

  • Has the best Silent Aim you’ve ever used. Is someone landing behind you, sneaking up on you, or shooting at you from above? 360 Silent Aim has you covered! Shoot at them in every direction without even aiming.
  • What shows to spectators / on the kill cam? Spectators/kill cams show the exact same thing that you see. So if you’re aiming at the floor while getting that clutch win, then the death cams, spectators, victory replay, etc, will show you aiming at the floor.

Unlock All:

  • Unlock everything in the entire game with a click of a button. Operators, blueprints, weapons, camos, watches, attachments, EVERYTHING!

Prediction Aimbot:

  • Instantly snap onto your target and kill them from 750M+ away, or play legit and kill them without suspecting a thing. Our Aimbot uses advanced bullet prediction, resulting in super-accurate shots from all the way across the map. It works with all guns, all attachments, and at all ranges. It may be the best bullet prediction on the market, and even matches (if not beats) the bullet prediction from the top cheat providers.

Zombies Support:

  • Zombies ESP and Aimbot! Try it out with 360 Silent Aim and live forever.

Skeleton ESP:

  • See enemies through walls in spectacular detail. Our ESP does not flicker, shows where enemies are anywhere in the game, is ultra-clean looking, and is fully configurable. See player names, weapons, distances, and more.

Silent Aim:

  • Silent Aim is an advanced cheating feature that allows you to shoot enemies without even aiming at them. Shoot anyone around you in a full 360 even if they’re behind you.

Rapid Fire:

  • Shoot enemies down from the sky by turning your pistol into an automatic weapon. Just hold down the shoot button and let the bullets fly faster than your opponent can click!


  • Elysium Vanguard VIP is fully streaming proof with OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit. Never worry about it accidentally appearing on stream. It even includes a built-in killswitch that terminates the cheat in the event that stream proof ever fails.

Recoil Control / Recoil Sliders:

  • Reduce recoil to improve your aim while still looking super legit! With Vertical and Horizontal recoil sliders, you can adjust recoil from 0% (no recoil) to 100% (full recoil). We looked everywhere and we believe we are the ONLY provider to offer this feature.


  • Elysium Vanguard VIP is fully streaming proof with OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit. With a built-in killswitch that terminates the cheat in the event that stream proof ever fails, NEVER worry about it accidentally appearing on stream. ACD is even Tournament Ready, where nothing shows in task manager at any time. Combined with all of our Legit settings, your community will never know.

Zombie Camos:

  • Use Cold War Zombie Camos in Warzone! Working for every gun, you can use Dark Aether, Plauge Diamond, and Golden Viper in Warzone and Modern Warfare matches.

Fully Customizable:

  • Save up to 9 custom configurations and switch between them via hotkeys. Easily switch between different settings for different situations and change every color. Toggle back and forth between rage and legit settings, turn item ESP on and off, and switch between all your settings with a single hotkey.

Controller Compatible:

  • Plug and Play with all controllers. No setup is required.


  • Auto-Shoot at enemies as soon as you aim over them.

Lethals ESP:

  • ESP on all lethal items, including Claymores, C4, Mines, Grenades, Semtex, etc.

Smart Targeting:

  • The built-in smart targeting feature always aims at the enemy with the highest threat.

Preset Configs:

  • Use default configs for Legit, Semi-Legit, Rage, and 360 Silent Aim, or use them as a starting point to create your own.

Visibility Lock:

  • Continue to lock on to your target even after you lose visibility of them.

Target Through Smoke:

  • Target enemies that are hidden in smoke without turning on “Target Invisible Players”.

No Recoil:

  • Remove all recoil for all weapons. Never miss a shot!

Bone Scan:

  • Automatically aim at the visible part of an enemy’s body.

2D Radar:

  • See where everyone is around you with a moveable and fully customizable 2D Radar.

How to make stream Proof

Inject>Spoof (if you spoof)>Game>OBS. Make sure you are running OBS as ADMIN and DELETE the original game capture then create a new game capture source. The same thing applies to Streamlabs and Xsplit.


1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Month, Lifetime


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