Escape From Tarkov Mod Menu


Escape From Tarkov Mod Menu


Supported Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64
Supported assemblies: 1903(18362),1909(18363),2004(19041),20H2 (19042), 21H1(19043)

This is one of the safest Tarkov menus on the market. With frequent updates.

Modding Palace Discord: Here
Menu Key: Del
Spoofer for this menu: Here


Tarkov Mod MenuTarkov Mod MenuTarkov Mod MenuTarkov Mod Menu


Game Mode: Windowed*
HWID SPOOFER – Not built into the software! Purchased separately!
The cheat is not visible on videos, screenshots, or screen demos


Cheat Functions:

Side of the player
Role of the savage:

  • Disabled
  • All bots
  • Only bosses
  • Line
  • Health
  • Box 2D
  • Skeleton type:
  • Disabled
  • Normal
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Friends
  • Weapon
  • Level
  • Player loot cost
  • Show all loot on hover
  • Mines (distance < 100m)
  • my player
  • Ammo count
  • Exits from the location
  • Skeleton draw distance
  • Backlight distance:  1м to 2000м


  • Open loot list:
  • Barter
  • Mods
  • Ammo
  • Specials
  • Equipment
  • Weapons
  • Money
  • Quest
  • Food
  • Info subjects
  • Containers
  • Lootable
  • Corpse
  • Other
  • Selected
  • Sort loot list type:
  • Name
  • Price

Loot setting type

  • Distance
  • Price
  • Loot update time
  • Player loot update time
  • Search selected loot on players
  • Loot position update time
  • Show all loot on hover
  • Loot type
  • Loot price
  • Loot background


  • Enable aimbot
  • Do not aim at my group
  • Do not aim the wild (for the wild)
  • Aim type:
  • Mouse movement
  • Sight movement
  • Silent movement
  • Aim priority:
  • Distance
  • Crosshair
  • Control radius
  • Draw fov circle
  • Fov
  • Distance
  • Enable prediction (Only online)
  • Draw aim prediction
  • Bones selection:
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Body
  • Pelvis
  • Left knee
  • Right knee
  • Bone change time
  • Key selection

Compensate all weapon effects
No recoil
No spread
No sway
Unlimited stamina/oxygen
Unlock all fire modes
Instant entry into the sight
Visual disable visor
Night vision
Thermal vision

**Colors **
My group player’s color
Target player color
Use & Bear the player’s color
Player savage color
Bot savage color
Boss savage color
Barter color
Mods color
Ammo color
Specials & Keys color
Equipment color
Weapons color
Money color
Quest color
Food color
Meds color
Info Subject color
Containers color
Boxes, jackets, barrels color
Corpse color
Other loot colors
Selected loot color

Loot cost calculation type
Base price
Flea price
Load mines (long loading battle)
Key to disable loot and exits

We do not advise or condone – in any way, shape, or form – the usage of mod menus online as it is strictly forbidden.




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