Fortitude RDR2 Mod Menu


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Fortitude RDR2 Mod Menu


Fortitude a newly designed RDR2 Mod Menu has rapidly dived into the scene of modding and has already dominated the marketplace. Staying competitive with other well-known menus in the RDR2 modding legacy. Fortitude is created to be indestructible with state-of-the-art protections. The menu is updated and patched from new crashes at moments of notice making it fully undetected with seamless stability. Along side other unique features it also comes prebuilt with an LUA support engine making this menu fully customizable.


Menu Option List: Here
Fortitude Menu Website: Here
Fortitude Discord: Here
Modding Palace Discord: Here
Menu Key: F5
Menu FAQ: Here


Some of the options:

• Minigames
• Enhanced Pets
• Ridable Mounts (flying, with posse and others!)
• Flyable Aircraft & Airships
• Seamless Session Joins (no load screens!)
• Model Changer
• Entity Spawner (for all vehicles, objects, and peds)
• Enhanced Outfit Builder
• Map/Vehicle/Player Object Builders (all objects)
• LUA Script Interpreter
• Gun Weapons (gravity, firework, meteor, homing missiles + more)
• Fully-functioning Guarma
• Name / IP / RID / Rank Spoofers
• Player Blacklist, Safelist, Permalist
• Enhanced and customizable ESP
• Recovery Tools
• Emotes, Scenarios, and Animations
• Highly-configurable Theme Engine




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