FRAGMENT MOD MENU is the best GTA V Mod Menu you can get if you want fast, quick, and safe recovery with a 500-mill loop. The fragment menu has some of the best menu options and protections as well. Please join our discord and ask the staff or even watch a showcase of the menu. The fragment menu is updated quite a lot as well.


Menu Hot Keys:

Open menu: NUMPAD –   END
Move up: NUMPAD 8 Arrow Up
Move Down: NUMPAD 2  Arrow Down
Scroll Left: NUMPAD 4  Arrow Left
Scroll Right: NUMPAD 6 Arrow Right
Toggle submenu: NUMPAD 5  Right Shift
Go back: NUMPAD 0  Right Control
Switch Tab Left: NUMPAD 7 Delete
Switch Tab Right: NUMPAD 9  Page Down


Things to be kept in mind while using Fragment:

1) Make sure you have no graphical mods installed.
2) Overlays can cause your game to crash in some cases, so make sure you have stuff like “Rivatuner” turned off.
3) Co-loading is not officially supported, and if any problems occur while co-loading, try again with just Fragment. Any bug/ban reports for the same while co-loading will not be entertained.
4) Compatibility with cloud PCs, VMs, etc is not supported as well.
5) You can use F9 to un-inject the menu in-game. (F10 also worked for some people)
6) Make sure that you either have your Anti-Virus off or have an exception in it for Fragment to run seamlessly without a hitch, as interference from the same can lead to complications in the injection process!
7) Always run Fragment with GTA on the latest DirectX supported mode (as of now, DirectX version 11). Only switch to 10.1, 10 if you’re experiencing constant crashing issues with the current DirectX settings!
8) Run Fragment with administrator privileges, otherwise it can again be a pain to inject the menu in GTA as is!

Setting Up Fragment:

– Q: I just purchased Fragment, where can I download it from?
+ A: Head on over to Fragment’s official website at Fragment. Register with an account (use Gmail, as other emails like Outlook take a lot of time to get the confirmation email!), and follow the link in your email (be sure to check spam/trash folders as well!) to activate your account! Once you’ve done that, you should be able to redeem your key, and afterwards you should get a “Download” option from the top right of the website, right next to your account name!

– Q: I logged into the launcher with my Fragment website login, but it’s now asking for my Game DIR. Help?
+ A: Don’t worry, it’s very easy! Your Game DIR is essentially where you have your game (i.e., GTAV installed!). It varies depending on the Drive, platform, and folder you have it in, however the easiest way to find out where it is to go to the games library of your respective launcher (like Steam, EGL) and then click on “Properties”, and then “Local Files” of GTAV! It’ll instantly show you the path as to where you have GTAV installed. An example of this path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe, where it is installed in the C Drive, and is playable on Steam.

– Q: I keep getting logged out of Social Club whenever I launch GTAV via FRAGMENT MOD MENU!
+ A: Make sure that you launch and run Steam/EGL/R at least one time before commencing the injection of the menu in-game (you have to have auto sign-in enabled!). If it still doesn’t work, launch the game normally as you do without the Fragment launcher. Log in to your Social Club account, and enable Auto Sign In. Exit out of the game, and then use the Fragment launcher to launch the game and you should be good to go!




1 review for FRAGMENT MOD MENU

  1. STRIX (verified owner)

    nice fun menu with a working recovery that provides enough money in one click to get almost everything, key was delivered within a minute!

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