Ilusion Engine mod menu is a great brand-new menu with probably the best recovery features compared to any other menu. Ilusion has focused itself on recovery and protection, so if you are in the recovery business, this is the menu for you! This menu uses slot machines for their recovery and it is a fast recovery as well.

[Ilusion Engine Main Menu FAQ]


# How can I use money/rp drops?
> Go to: Network Options > Player list > {who you want to drop} > drop options

# Money and RP Drops dont work! I am trying to drop friends and players but nothing happens
> Make sure exclude friends/self is OFF – Network options > all players options > exclude friends > OFF

# All of the menu options say NULL and dont work!
> Delete the C:\Ilusion folder and re-inject the menu

# The menu is injected successfully, but will not open!
> Change the menu open key. Tutorial in the notes

# What do the letters next to player names mean?
> G = Godmode SH = Script Host H = Host F = Friend Y = You (Self)

# Where are the recovery options?
> You need to inject ilusion recovery, NOT ilusion main

[Ilusion Engine Recovery Menu FAQ]


bunker features:

# I’ve enabled Bunker Loop but nothing happens!
> Make sure you own a bunker and use the fill supplies option, the loop will not work without supplies and will stop when it runs out.

# The bunker loop has stopped working!
> Use the fill supplies option

casino features:

# Blackjack options wont work!
> You NEED to go to the single player blackjack tabels and NOT the multiplayer tabels


# None of the casino options work!
> Make sure you have at least 5,000 chips, and in some cases a casino membership.

# I cannot enter the casino slot machines!
> You’ve most likely been “casnio banned”, try going back to story mode and back to online, if it still dosesnt work, try again later

# How can I use the slot machine methods?
> There are 2 different methods, follow the tutorials in notes.

# The casino loop wont work
> literly how can you mess this up

[Ilusion Engine Protection Guide]


# Players see me in different locations / players blip appears on the map but I dont see them / I cant see players when in vehicles!
> Disable: DeSync crash protection and Entity sync protection

# What protections are best for modder vs modder play?
> ALL OF THEM, check #protection-files for a pre-made file with all of the options needed on.

# Why can I not shoot other players?
> Disable Anti-Blame

# NOTE: For playing normally it is advised to play WITHOUT protections on.





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