Kiddion’s Mod Menu v0.9.9 is the best FREE GTA 5 external cheat with tons of amazing features. Kiddion’s mod menu (GTA V) can be considered one of the best mod menus that can enhance the game on and offline. Using this menu you can do things like summon vehicles, activate cheats like God Mode, teleport to locations, and more.

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Kiddion’s Mod Menu v0.9.9 is the best FREE GTA 5 external cheat with tons of amazing features. Kiddion’s mod menu (GTA V) can be considered one of the best mod menus that can enhance the game on and offline. Using this menu you can do things like summon vehicles, activate cheats like God Mode, teleport to locations, and more.


Kiddions Free Menu

kiddion mod menu trainer

Some of the Options on this FREE Menu.

  • Instantly increase your RP rank
  • Recover all your accounts in GTA Online
  • Improved security features in the menu
  • Access all clothes, vehicles, and more
  • Create vehicle spawns
  • New GUI and HUD
  • FiveM integration
  • PS4 and Xbox compatibility
  • Generate an unlimited amount of money

Known Menu Issues:

  • v0.9.9: Set Bunker Delivery isn’t working properly, will fix it next version.
  • Using the online Repair Vehicle option may trigger an endless death loop in the game. It’s a bug in the game, I can’t fix this, that’s why there’s a warning sign.
  • Nightclub and MC production triggers have become slower (since GTA5 v2612). Don’t blame it on Modest Menu.
  • Sometimes spawning a vehicle via Pegasus won’t succeed. You’ll get a refund instead. I’m still looking into this.
  • After disabling the waterproof option for a car, it will bounce on water instead of submerging. Consider it a feature.
  • MKII ammo may become broken after using Max Ammo/Max All Ammo, Infinite Ammo/Clip.
  • Anonymous vehicle spawning won’t work when there’s something in the way, e.g. an existing vehicle, NPC, or object. Reposition a bit or walk while keep trying.
  • Sometimes getting your personal vehicle won’t work the first time. After that, it should work fine.
  • Without an empty garage slot, you won’t be able to use the “Personal Vehicle Spawning” method. Use Pegasus and/or Anonymous instead.
  • For most items with ranges in the mod (e.g. Weapon Range) you need to press the action key (Numpad 5) to apply the change. I may choose to change this in the future.
  • Vehicle God mode and gravity changes are gone once you enter a new vehicle. This is because these are a per-vehicle setting. The only time the “Godmode” bit is toggled for a vehicle, is when you actually press the Godmode button.
    The only time gravity is changed is when you change it using the menu.
  • Vehicle settings like handling options are restored for the previous vehicle once you enter a new one.
    This is intentional, vehicle handling options apply to all vehicles in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs drive.
  • Weapon settings like range and damage are restored once you switch to a different weapon.
    This is intentional, these weapon options apply to all weapons in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs are using to shoot you…
  • Off Radar (online) is patched and will only work for one minute. Use Ghost Organization instead.
  • New kicks are easy to find, so the Force Kick protection will not always work on every type of kick.
  • Probably one of the online protections or unlimited clips may interfere with the Prison Heist in case you are a prisoner. So far it is unsure exactly which option.


  • Downloading the menu fails/”Why is Windows Defender/Avast/… saying this is a virus?”
    This mod is looking for key presses (to navigate the menu) and is reading/writing to the memory of another process and some AV are nervous about that.
    This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum’s file moderator and is considered safe, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been approved.
  • “Why aren’t my numpad keys working?”
    please toggle Numlock On.
  • “I can start/navigate [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE], but none of the options seem to work?!”
    If you can navigate the menu, but none of the menu options seem to work, something on your side is blocking the menu from accessing gta5.exe,
    this isn’t something anyone can fix but you, it is most likely caused by your anti-virus, please make an exclusion, disable your AV or switch to a better one.
    (And remember, Windows Defender is an AV too…)
    For Windows 11, make sure “Core Isolation” is disabled, and if you’re trying to disable Windows Defender, make sure you are doing it right, see:…1-permanently/
    In some cases, especially on Steam, you may need to run the mod “As Administrator” (when the game was started “As Administrator” too, e.g. after an update).
  • “Can I run this in a VM?”
  • “Why can I only see the menu when I <alt>+<tab> out of the game?”
    In full-screen mode, the game has exclusive access to the screen, the menu can’t draw on top of it. Like any external, please run in windowed or windowed borderless mode.
  • “Why does [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE] instantly close when I open it?”
    To anyone having the problem where the menu instantly closes when you open it, tap the 0 on NUMPAD a few times and try to open the menu again, that should help.
  • “Can I use [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE] online?”
    Yes, some functions only work when online.
  • “Can I change the keybindings of [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE]?”
    Yes, see Advanced Config.
  • “Can I spawn for others?”
    If you spawn an anonymous vehicle, others should be able to access that too. And you can spawn multiple anonymous vehicles as long as you don’t keep standing at the exact same spot.
  • “What do the exclamation marks mean?”
    • Thermal vision: can potentially crash your game when used online. Make sure you’ve researched thermal vision first (Bunker Research).
    • Forge Model for LSC: Use this properly or you’ll end up with a Sentinel XS. Also, people close to you (e.g. in the car) may crash if you enable it, so use it with caution
    • Get Lucky Wheel Price: when used, others in your session can/may notice, also abusing it is considered risky.
    • Rig Slot Machines: when used, others in your session can/may notice, also abusing it is considered risky.
  • “Does [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE] have any money options?”
    This mod has a strong focus on enhancing the regular gameplay, rather than adding loads of money fast.
    However, there are a couple of ways to make some extra money.
    E.g. you can upgrade the NPC money pickups in the game, and get better money rewards;
    E.g. doing daily missions and mission jobs, doing IE/MC/Bunker missions without cooldown, and more.
    It is also possible to drop money on either yourself or players in sight (either near you or while spectating).
    The best way at the moment is by using the “Minimum Job Payout” and starting a mission like “Blow Up II” that’s going to fail when you blow up all vehicles.
    When the mission has started, go to the World section in the mod menu and scroll to “Kill All Cars”.
    Now you can repeatedly:

    • Press Numpad5 (kill all cars, failing the mission)
    • Wait a couple of seconds (about 10 seconds)
    • Press “PageUp” (Quick restart)
    • Wait about 50 seconds for the mission to load.

    This will make you 100k/minute. I hear you can tweak it to go even faster, with a 20s total for each cycle.

  • “Does [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE] work for any GTA version other than what the menu was made for?”
    Probably not. The online services and online spawn definitely won’t.
  • “Can I get banned with [FREE] Kiddion’s Modest Menu v0.9.9 [FREE]?”
    You can always get banned when you are reported, even when you aren’t using any mods. So far external menus have never been detected.
    Nevertheless using options such as Godmode and teleporting are dangerous when used around other players.
  • “Can I add custom teleport locations?”
    Yes, you can use the “Add Current Location” in the Teleport => Custom Locations menu. You can use it for one session, or save your new locations using “Save Config” in the Menu Settings.
  • “Why can’t I receive MC/CEO invites anymore?”
    Disable the Kick to Single Player protection. Sending malformed invites is one of the most common ways of “sending” others to a single player, that’s why this feature is disabled when the Kick to Single Player protection is on.
  • “Why is my RP level reset after changing a session/restart?”
    After setting the desired RP level, you need to make some additional RP for it to stick.

How to Use Mod Menu?

  1. Download Mod Menu.
  2. Extract the mod menu zip file.
  3. Launch GTA 5.
  4. While GTA 5 is running, run Mod Menu.
  5. Now, you will get the mod menu on your screen which you can use for various cheats or getting other features. To show or hide the menu press F5.

Please note we always recommend a Paid Mod menu due to the higher chance of the ban rate.


Question: Are PC Single-Player Mods Allowed?

Answer: Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity and wants creators to showcase their passion for our games. After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar’s PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties. This does not apply to (i) multiplayer or online services; (ii) tools, files, libraries, or functions that could be used to impact multiplayer or online services, or (iii) use or importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project; or (iv) making new games, stories, missions, or maps. This is not a license, and it does not constitute endorsement, approval, or authorization of any third-party project. Take-Two reserves the right to object to any third-party project, or to revise, revoke and/or withdraw this statement at any time in their own discretion. This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third-party projects.



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