Klar Rainbow Six Siege Full


Klar Rainbow Six Siege Full
HWID Spoofer included
Supports all versions of Windows 10 and 11. AMD and Intel Processors.
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Klar Rainbow Six Siege Full

 HWID Spoofer included

Supports all versions of Windows 10 and 11. AMD and Intel Processors.

Click here, to purchase with PayPal through our discord server!


Autowall – 
Automatically will shoot enemies through soft walls.
Shoot around Corners – Shoots around corners, at a greater angle than normally possible.
Corner Autowall – Automatically shoots enemies around corners who are also through soft walls. (May decrease FPS)
Time between Shots –  The delay between bullets being fired by the ragebot.
Frameskips –  The number of frames between each ragebot cast, higher means more fps but less shots.

Freeze Z – 
Freezes your character, can be used to freeze teammates, like this: or can be used for “god mode” like this:
EvilEye Forcefire –  Shoots quickly with Maestro’s EvilEye camera and can almost instantly kill enemies.
Self-Res – Can be used to instigate DR noclip, and can be used to take no fall damage when jumping off something.
Noclip – Client-sided but can be used to shoot through hard walls.

Run & Shoot – 
 Allows you to shoot whilst running at full speed with no delay and without slowing down your player.
Jumping – Client-sided but allows you to gain vertical height to shoot people you usually wouldn’t be able to.
Force Movement – Forces movement speed, and allows you to run at full speed in any direction.
No Spread –  Your gun has no spread, and your bullets are always precise.
No Recoil – Your gun has no recoil, and others also see no recoil (serverside).
No Pullout-Delay – There is no delay when pulling out your weapon.
Instant ADS – There is no delay when aiming down sights.
Longknife –  Allows you to knife at greater distances.
Thickknife – Allows you to knife operate through shields and when aiming next to them.
Knife With Shield – Allows you to knife whilst having a shield out.



Visuals (Enemies, Teammates, Hostage)
[+] Skeleton
[+] Box (2D Corner, 2D Default, 2D Bounding)
[+] Outline Skeleton
[+] Snaplines (Top, Bottom, Center)
[+] Player Information

Visuals (Gadget with Ping 2.0)
[+] Traps
[+] Breach Utility
[+] Observation (Cams/Drones)
[+] Shields
[+] Objectives
[+] misc
[+] Icon Size (with Slider)
[+] Rainbow-Mode

Visuals (Local)
[+] FOV-Changer (with Slider)
[+] 3rd Person (with Slider and Hotkey)
[+] Spectator List
[+] No Smoke
[+] No Shadows
[+] No Hud
[+] No Model
[+] No Sky
[+] No Paint
[+] No color mask

Visuals (World)
[+] World-color-Changer
[+] Rainbow-Mode
[+] Color-Intensity (with Slider)
[+] Skybox-Intensity (with Slider)

[+] Autowall
[+] Shoot around Corners
[+] Corner Angle (with Slider)
[+] Corner Autowall
[+] Time between Shots (with Slider)
[+] Ragebot Frameskips
[+] Corner Frameskips
[+] Bullettracer (with rainbow mode option)
[+] Hotkey-Mode (Enable/disable on selectable Hotkey)
[+] Hitbox-Mode (Highest Damage, Force Head, manual)
[+] Ignore Head

[+] target Teammate
[+] Visible Check
[+] Draw FOV
[+] FOV Circle Speed (with Slider)
[+] FOV (with Slider)
[+] Hotkey
[+] Hitbox-Mode (Highest Damage, Force Head, manual, closest)
[+] Ignore Head

[+] Freeze Z (God mode and Freeze Team)
[+] Force Rappel (Rappel Anywhere)
[+] EvilEye-Force fire (with Hotkey)
[+] Self-res (with Hotkey)
[+] Noclip (with Hotkey)

[+] Run&Shoot (with toggle-Hotkey)
[+] Jumping
[+] Ghosting (with Hotkey)
[+] Ghosting-Indicator
[+] Force Movement
[+] Movement-Speed (with Slider)
[+] No Spread
[+] No Pullout-Delay
[+] No Recoil
[+] Longknife
[+] Thickknife
[+] Knife with Shield

[+] Color-Selector for Enemie/Teammates/Hostage/Gadget-Visuals
[+] Color-Selector for Legitbot FOV-Circle
[+] Color-Selector for Bullet Tracer
[+] Color-Selector for Sky Color
[+] Color-Selector for Sun Color

[+] Render Menu-Background-Animation
[+] Crosshair
[+] Config Load and Save


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