Midnight GTA


Midnight Mod Menu is an easy-to-navigate UI menu. The menu is packed with great protections from kicks and other menu tolling options.  The menu has great LUA Script options that will impress the old-school menus users. If your looking for a great menu for car tuning, Midnight Mod Menu has your back on this.

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Midnight GTA

Some of the great features of the Midnight Mod Menu include Lua Support, Protections from all other Mod Menus, Crashing Options, and much more!

Modding Palace Discord: Here


Strong protection and patronage against sneaky cheaters who want to kick you out of the session or crash your game – forget about them.

Spinning money
Unlimited cheat money and level with our cheat for GTA 5 Online
Cloud system – your configs, custom teleports, and cars will be securely stored, forget about losses!

Teleport, interaction with the world, and modification of weapons
Teleport to the label with one click, and teleport to the nearest player.

Interaction with the world, change of weather, and time in the session.
Infinite ammo, shooting without reloading, fire ammo, explosive – the whole list of modifications is in the “weapons” section.

Car tuning and entertainment
Pumping and tuning the car to taste and color! Tuning studio – you won’t need it anymore, cheat for GTA 5 Online will do everything for you.

Griefing with GTA 5 Online cheat
Love to troll players? Or grieve? The feature that allows you to write on behalf of other players is great for trolling.
And in the “players” section you will find everything you need for griefing, blow up, set fire to, and just throw up the players and watch their reaction!

Works on any platform (SteamEpic GamesRockstar Launcher)
Works in Windows 788.110 and 11!
Works in any fullscreen and windowed!

How to redeem and use the menu: HERE


Midnight GTA


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