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NewWay Mod Menu is a fantastic GTA V menu with more than 530+ features inside its software. One of its most remarkable areas is the recovery section which is extremely loaded with features such as a chip method to inject up to $100 million a day, playing time customization, heists helper, and more. Also, it has one of the best weapon customization sections on the entire market!


Menu Options:


  • LUA and ASI Loader
  • Recovery
  • Session Options
  • Griefing Tools
  • Fun Options
  • Combat Features
  • GTA Online Mod
  • Vehicles, Aimbot, ESP, Spanwer,
  • Weapons Editor, Outfit Editor, Session control
  • Casino money
  • Level changer
  • Unlock all
  • Stats changer
  • Player Options
  • Spawner options
  • Protections
  • Highly stable and well-balanced menu.
  • F1 Wheels ( Everyone wants this )

Recovery options how to:


500k option:
1- Click and wait some seconds
2- 2.5m p/day

Export Vehicle:
1- Set 310.000 in value
2- 2.5m p/day

Time Trial (100k):
1- Press only time once
2- 500k p/day



Error: “SSL Pinning Failed! (Try to uninstall Fiddler, Wireshark, etc)”
Error: “Failed to Inject!”
– Close the game and try to inject again

Error: “Invalid HWID”
– Reset your hwid on the website

Error: “Invalid username or password”
– Open the account.json(it’s on the same folder as the loader) and see if your user it’s right

Error: “Access expired”
– This account doesn’t have access to the menu anymore

Error: “You are hwid banned”
– Your reseller/Our staff revoked your key.


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