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PHANTOM-X Mod Menu has been around since 2017 and is one of the best-known names in the modding menus. This great menu has the best options that are hard to find like Clean Self, Vehicle options, Player Options,  Show Reports, and Remove Sub Cooldown, This menu was built in mind for the players that like to cause havoc with other players. This menu has plenty of protections that will also block almost all crashes, scripts, and kicks from other players.  The Devs do frequent updates to the menu and options to make sure it’s stable and safe.

For more information about this menu and its options: Click the Link


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PX is conditional-forever:

All updates under one game patch are free.

When the game patch changes – you have to pay 200 RUB for the update.

  • Digital Deluxe users don’t pay for any updates.
  • Users who bought the PX in 10 days before the game update (which changed the version of the patch) – do not pay for this update.

Example: The current game patch is 1.44. All PX updates during this patch – are for free. When the game updates to 1.45 – you need to pay 200 RUB for this update.

Differences between PX versions:


– Ability to give cars to players
– Radiation Lags
– Kill / Death Editor (KD)
– Kick a player or all at once, not being a host
– Give the player a black screen
– Endless invitation to the apartment
– Teleport players to the interiors
– Spam sounds, alerts left to player sound / visual
– Kick a player from the organization
– Ban a player in the organization
– Give the player Never Wanted
– Hide the player label
– Infinite transaction error per player
– Launch a player’s mission
– Turn on the player blind cops (Cops turn blind eyes)
– Force camera forward in remote
– Block passive mode in remote
– Pain the ass in remote
– Chat commands

Digital Deluxe:

– Change the weather and time for the entire session
– Block custom models section
– Redirect attacks protection
– Cage traps protection
– Desync kick
-Session locker
-Script host kick
-ban players from voice chat
-Host Options
Free and out-of-turn updates for new game patches for the lifetime of the menu. ( Best Option )

Phantom-X Mod Menu FAQ: HERE




1 review for PHANTOM-X Mod Menu

  1. leovant96 (verified owner)

    Easy to setup and fun to use, not the best for hvh, but will protect you. Has a ton of fun options!

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