The Raiden GTA V Mod Menu enters the market with a focus on user comfort, offering two distinct UI modes (mouse and keyboard) to cater to individual preferences.

Beyond its user-friendly interface, the Raiden Mod Menu stands out for its exceptional stability and accessibility. Packed with an extensive array of options and features, it encompasses trolling options, vehicle customization, weapon enhancements, personal customizations, kick and crash functionalities, self adjustments, teleportation abilities, and top-notch protective measures.

Raiden proves to be the ideal choice for modders of all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned experts. Undoubtedly, this mod menu is an excellent investment given its price and all the benefits it brings.



Introducing the Raiden GTA V Mod Menu, the latest addition to the paid mod menu selection. This highly stable and user-friendly mod menu is ideal for both experienced and new Modders, all offered at an affordable price. Currently in its beta version, Raiden Mod Menu boasts a mouse UI and list UI for effortless navigation.

Raiden comes equipped with a plethora of self-options, granting users access to exciting features like god mode, no ragdoll, and toaster bath. Additionally, it offers a variety of session options, including teleport to play and car, trolling options, an arsenal of weapons, and much more. Notably, vehicle options are also incorporated into this cutting-edge menu, making it a comprehensive choice for GTA V enthusiasts.



1 review for RAIDEN

  1. nickpotak (verified owner)

    Good menu they help me out I had a issue with it at first so I joined there discord they got tons of virus of my computer for me and helped me with my issue with the menu. Great people I recommend for sure!

    • Administrator

      We were glad we were able to get your PC cleaned up and working and then menu going how it should. Were here to help in any way we can.

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