STAND Mod Menu


The Stand GTA Menu is meticulously crafted from the ground up, aiming to offer an unparalleled, refined, and seamless experience. This menu encompasses all the features you would anticipate. It has gained popularity due to its remarkable game stability, straightforward setup process, enhanced game performance, and exceptional customization options with top-tier protection.

STAND Mod Menu


The Stand GTA Menu is renowned for its exceptional affordability and is highly regarded among users. It boasts a plethora of unimaginable features, top-notch security measures, and reliable stability. Within the modding community, the Stand Menu holds a place of prominence, being the most sought-after choice for modders. One of its key highlights is the fully customizable user interface, allowing users to tailor their experience to their liking.


Modding Palace Discord: Here
Menu Key: F4
Menu Option List: Here


This menu sets itself apart with its Watchdog-style world modification, in-game augmented reality, and a convenient web interface, enabling Stand’s usage directly from a web browser or smartphone. Moreover, the Stand Menu extends its functionality by supporting LUA Scripts and ASI Mods, further enhancing its appeal to modding enthusiasts. Remarkably, despite its robust protection features, it manages to avoid any disruptions to the game, ensuring a smooth and safe gameplay environment. Shielding users from the unpleasant actions of toxic modders, such as kicks and crashes, is one of its primary objectives.

Another remarkable aspect of the Stand Menu is its excellent compatibility with other GTA V menus. Even when dealing with spoofed RID names, this menu excels in displaying genuine names. All in all, the Stand Menu sets a standard of excellence within its price range, capturing the hearts of many within the modding community and earning its reputation as a beloved and reliable choice.

  • LUA Script Support
  • ScriptHookV
  • Effective Griefing
  • Powerful Kick/Crash Methods


    • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time
    • Rockstar ID Tools
    • Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)
    • Unlock All Achievements


    • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
    • Bone ESP


    • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time
    • Personal Vehicles Section
    • Type Out Player Names
    • Paste In Chat Message
    • Sing In Chat
    • Become A Script Host Kleptomaniac
    • Web Interface
    • Radio Stations Manager
    • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
    • Bone ESP
    • Rockstar ID Tools
    • Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)
    • Unlock All Achievements


    • Everything from Regular
    • Player Tracker
    • Crash Reaction
    • Host Tools
    • Chat Spammer
    • Break Sessions But Join Fast
    • Kick Host When Joining As Next In Queue


How to redeem your key. HERE



Basic, Regular, Ultimate, Basic to Regular, Regular to Ultimate, Basic to Ultimate


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