Utopia Mod Menu


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Utopia Mod Menu


Utopia Mod Menu has made the scene for one of the fastest recovery menus.  You can put 2 Billion on your account in a matter of minutes without worrying about a ban.

The developers do frequent updates, new features, and fixes to the menu to keep it ultra-stable.

This UI is very easy to use and navigate.

Menu Options: Here

Menu FAQ: Here



This menu has the safest recovery method of any menu and is very fast to get 2 Billion

Co loading

We support loading with a wide range of other modifications.


Take control of your online gaming presence with our modification.


We actively counter the anticheat to ensure your safety.


Our core utilizes cloud infrastructure to provide the best experience for you.

Unique Features

We offer a whole range of unique features.

Frequent Updates

The modification is frequently updated to ensure a quality experience.


We do not advise or condone – in any way, shape, or form – the usage of mod menus online as it is strictly forbidden as described in Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

1 review for Utopia Mod Menu

  1. szalaimartin0624 (verified owner)

    The best among the cheap menus, the best possible recovery options rn. Pretty good with Protection and other options. During its lifetime, the game has never crashed once. I can only recommend

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