Vanity CSGO 1 Month


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Vanity CSGO 1 Month


Vanity is one of the easiest CSGO Menus to use on the market with Valve-Anti-Cheat Bybass. Their menu has been around since 2019 and has had constant updates since the start.

Their support team is one of the best in CSGO. Vanity has the best Green Trust Factor for a menu in CSGO.


Will I get a VAC ban from using the software?

No, our Valve-Anti-Cheat bypass fully disables the anti-cheat which makes it impossible to get banned.

Is Vanity a legit cheat or an HVH cheat?

Vanity is currently only a legit cheat. The cheat has some basic semi-rage features that work great while playing against other blatant legit cheaters. Support for rage is currently being developed and it will not be released until we feel like it performs as well as other cheat providers.

Can I use custom models/sounds with this software?

Yes, you absolutely can. We have a sv_pure bypass that allows you to load character models, arm models, and even custom sounds. No more issues when trying to join an official server after playing on community servers with custom workshop files. Our sv_pure bypass completely disables the game’s file integrity checks.


Make the cheating experience your own, set the colors just the way you like them, change bloom, and plenty more.


Use our miscellaneous features to change the models of your guns or players and play with them in matchmaking without using extra software.


Enhance your aim up to a previously unreachable level, our aimbot will provide you with the settings you need to reach your desired performance levels.

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