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Ragnarok Bot FAQ

About the Self-Bot

This self bot talks for it self

Bot Options

General Commands
$help => Displays this help menu
$revav (user) => Reverse avatar the mentioned user profile picture
$whois (user) => Displays discord information of the mentioned user
$role-hexcode (role) => Displays the hexcode of the specified role
$guildicon => Display guild icon
$roleinfo (role) => Display some info about the specified role
$logout => Logs you out the selfbot
$everyone => Glitched way to mention everyone in a server
$empty => Sends a empty message
$sendembed => sends a message as an embed
$aod => send daily astronomy with its information
$firstmessage => be able to see the first ever message in a channel
$fakenitro => send a fake nitro link that sends people to a hidden link
$ghostping => ghostping someone ($ghostping @
$help general2 => shows page 2

:fleur_de_lis:General Commands 2
$secret (message) => Returns the message but hidden hidden
$bold (message) => Returns the message but bold
$unflip => Sends: ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
$tableflip => Sends: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
$lenny => Sends: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
$shrug => Sends: ¯_(ツ)_/¯
$reverse (message) => Reverses ur message
$ascii (message) => Makes your message ascii/fancy
$read => Marks all your messages as read, except DM
$group-leaver => Leaves all the groups you’re in
$purge (amount) => Deletes your messages based on the amount you specify
$uptime => Shows how long the selfbot has been online and working
$hastebin (message) => Saves your text/code to hastebin
$first-message => Get the first message in that channel
$abc => Sends the whole abecedary in a single message
$devowel (message) => Devowels your message
$leetspeak (message) => Translates your message to 1337 language
$combine (name1) (name2) => Combines the two names together
$pingweb (website) => Pings a website
$spam => spam the message you set in your config
$stopspam => stops the spamming command
$ghostmsg => Spam the chat with invisible messages
$tts (message) => Send that message in .wav format, like an audio
$upper (message) => Make your message CAPS
$genname => Generate a random name based on the server members

Account Commands
$set-pfp (url) => Set the specified url as profile picture [Must have password set in config.json file]
$btcstream => Stream current btc price
$pfpsteal (user) => Allows you to steal mentioned user profile picture [Must have password set in config.json file]
$ghost => Turns your name and profile picture blank
$hypesquad (house) => Allows you to change your hypesquad (ie: !hypesquad bravery)
$stream (message) => Stream that message in your profile
$watching (message) => Add a watching status with that message in your profile
$listening (message) => Add a listening status with that message in your profile
$game (message) => Add a game status with that message in your profile
$stopcyclenick => stops the cyclenick command
$cyclenick => animates your nickname
$invnick => makes your nickname invisible
$fucknick => completely ruins your nickname
$nickname => changes your nickname to anything you like
$setpfp => set your pfp to any image url (setpfp URL)

Hacking Commands
$tokeninfo (token) -> Display various information about the token
$tokenfuck (token) => Crash, glitch screen of a token, all in discord
$geoip (ip) => Display various information about the IP
$ebayview (url) (views) => Send views to a ebay product (ie: !ebayview https://www.ebay.es/itm/XXXXXX 100
$nitro (number) => Generate nitro codes
$proxy => Scraps HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxies
$address (text) => Generates fake address based on the text you specify
$portscan => scan the ports of an ip
$impersonate => Make a bot look like another user and make them say anything you want (REQUIRES WEBHOOK PERMISSIONS) example: ($impersonate @USER TEXT HERE)
$ipinfo => get information about an ip address (ipinfo
$vcspam => make someone in a vc spam change voice channels (vcspam FIRSTCHANNELID SECONDCHANNELID USERID)
$halftoken => show the first half of someones token
$report => report someones discord account (report [user mention] [message id] [reason])

NSFW Commands
$hlesbian => Random lesbian [Anime]
$hlewdneko => Random lewd neko [Anime]
$hblowjob => Random blowjob [Anime]
$htits => Random tits [Anime]
$hboobs => Random boobs [Anime]
$hhentai => Random hentai [Anime]
$hfeet => Random feet [Anime]
$herofeet => Random erotic feet [Anime]
$hanal => Random anal [Anime]
$hcumslut => Random cumslut [Anime]
$hfuta => Random Futanari [Anime]
$hsolo => Random solo [Anime]
$hclassic => Random classic [Anime]
$hpussy => Random pussy [Anime]
$help nsfw2 => shows page 2

NSFW Commands 2
$butt => (send a real life butt image)
$boobs => (send a real life boobs image)
$anal => (send a real life anal image)
$r34 => send a random r34 image
$pussy => (send a real life pussy image)
$boobdrop => send a boobdrop video
$gonewild => send random gone wild pictures

Fun Commands
$boom => sends a fun message self destruct message
$fox => Random fox image
$dog => Random dog image
$cat => Random cat image
$minesweeper => Play minesweeper in the discord chat
$dick (user) => Display the mentioned user dick size
$rainbow (role) => Cycle colors in the role you specify
$ball (question) => Answers your question
$joke => Drops a random joke in the chat
$slot => Play slot machine in the discord chat
$topic => Start a random topic to keep the chat going
$wyr => Start a ‘would you rather’ topic in the chat
$feed (user) => Feed the mentioned user
$tickle (user) => Tickle the mentioned user
$slap (user) => Slap the mentioned user
$ukswag => show everyone some uk swag
$oogway => OOGWAY
$custommeme => send some custom memes example ($custommeme [meme name] / TEXT HERE / TEXT HERE)
$custommeme help => send the help message for the custommeme command
$naziparty => Join the nazi party
$help fun2 => shows page 2

:question:Fun Commands 2
$panda => send a panda image
$koala => send a koala image
$pikachu => send a pikachu gif
$duck => send a duck image
$socials => send a list of your socials(can edit inside the socials.json file)
$dice => roll random dice Example: (dice 5 4)
$meme => send a random meme
$wink => send a wink gif
$trumptweet => send a custom tweet disguised as Donald Trump
$car => send a random car picture
$bear => send a random bear picture with a fact
$riddle => send a random riddle
$insult => send a random insult in chat
$crap => step on someones pfp like they are crap
$simp => make someone a simp
$captcha => generate a custom captcha (captcha WORD)
$trash => put someones pfp in the trash can
$headshot => BOOM HEADSHOT
$faketype [sec] => make people think your typing
$ship => make one user fancy another
$stickbug => turn someones pfp into a stickbug troll video (takes time to make)
$threat => show who the real threat is to the world
$qr => make a custom working qr code (qr WORD/WORDS NO SPACES)
$foxieotter => send a random otter picture (Foxie)
$rowyturtle => send a random turtle picture (rowy)
$help fun3 => shows page 3

Fun Comamnds 3
$hug (user) => Hug the mentioned user
$smug (user) => Smug at the mentioned user
$pat (user) => Pat the mentioned user
$kiss (user) => Kiss the mentioned user
$nine_eleven => sends a 9/11 animation
$phcomment => sends a funny fake pornhub comment
$dox => sends a funny dox animation
$fry => sends a fry version of someones pfp pfp
$magik => sends a magik version of someones pfp
$cum => sends a funny cum animation
$coinflip => plays a small coinflip game
$poll => creates a 2 option poll
$imgsearch => searches up an image of whatever you like
$cap => see how much someone is cappin
$cuddle => cuddle someone
$waifu => send a picture of a random waifu
$fbi => send a funny fbi video
$fbispam => spam send a funny fbi video
$wwb => send a fake carding message
$bugtroll => troll someone with a bug on their screen
$trojan => send a fun trojan text animation
$bubblewrap => play with some bubblewrap
$winvirus => trigger peoples windows anti virus with this fun command

Search Commands
$urban => search anything through urban dictionary
$youtubesearch => search anything on youtube
$lmgtfy (message) => Use lmgtfy search engine to look-up something
$amazonsearch => search a product on amazon
$pokedex => search up info about any pokemon
$wiki => search something up on wikipedia (wiki Albert Einstein)

:tools:Utility Commands
$bitly (link) => Shorten ur link using bitly [Must have bitly api key set in config.json file]
$tinyurl (link) => Shorten ur link using tinyurl
$weather (city) => Lookup weather for the specified city
$autobump (channel id) => Automatically bump server to disboard.org [Needs the Disboard to be in the server]
$mac (mac) => Lookup a bit of info about a MAC (ie: !mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)
$copy => Copies guild channels, categories, voice channels and makes them in a new one
$banner => sends server banner
$spfp => sends server icon
$serverinfo => sends information about the current server
$sysinfo => sends information about your pc
$gennitro => starts a discord nitro generator in the selfbot console
$checknitro => checks the nitro codes you generated with the gennitro command
$helpall => sends all help commands at once (2 second interval)
$restart => restarts the selfbot to clean up the consoles logs
$bantoken => ban any token (will not be instant)
$usersocials => look at a users connected accounts (usersocials USERID)
$stealemojis => steal a servers emojis (they copy into the images folder)
$passgen => generate a randomly generated password with the length of 15
$help util2 => shows page 2

:tools:Utility Commands 2
$suggest (TEXT) => Give a suggestion with thumbs up/down reactions
$rolehexcode => find the hexcode color for a role (rolehexcode ROLE NAME)
$groupleaver => leave all groups you are in
$getcolor => show the color of your choice (getcolor red)
$hookspam => spam a servers webhooks (hookspam AMOUNT MESSAGE)
$hooks => make webhooks for every channel on a server so if you choose 5 thats 5 webhooks for every channel(hooks amount)
$userlogin => login to a user token (userlogin then CHECK RAGNAROK)
$botlogin => login to a bot token (botlogin TOKEN) will open a chrome browser window
$ytdl => download an mp4 youtube video (ytdl VIDEO NAME)
$changeprefix => change your prefix (changeprefix LETTER/SYMBOL/NUMBER)
$fnshop => See a picture of the current fortnite shop
$dcping => Check what your discord ping is
$calc => open the calculator app for those difficult math questions
$setupwhooks => set up all of your webhooks you need for webhook notifications in a server you have made

:art:Theming Commands
$changetheme => change your current embed theme (changetheme THEME NAME)
$themes => see your current list of theme you have

:money_with_wings:Crypto Commands
$btc Display current Bitcoin price
$eth Display current Ethereum price
$dailybtc gives you detailed info on the current prices of BTC AND ETH

Coding Commands
$encode (string) => Encode a string to base64 ascii
$decode (string) => Decode a string from base64 to regular text

:floppy_disk:Backup Commands
$backupall => saves all of your friends and creates invites for all of your servers and stores them
$recoverall => (DISABLED FOR NOW)automatically joins back all saved servers and sends all saved friends a friend request (10 sec cooldown to prevent rate limit)

:test_tube:Token Commands
$tokenjoin => send all your tokens in tokens.txt to a server with an invite (tokenjoin INVITE)
$tokenleave => make your tokens leave a server you made them join usage: (tokenleave SERVER ID HERE)
$tokenspam => make your tokens spam the server you made them join (tokenspam CHANNELID AMOUNT MESSAGE)
$tokendm => make all of your tokens dm a user (tokenspam USERID AMOUNT TEXT) EXPERIMENTAL
$checktokens => checks your tokens to see if they work and sends working tokens to a new text file (does not detect disabled tokens)

:control_knobs:Toggle Commands
$afkmode => Turns afk mode on/off
$sniper => Turns Nitro Sniper on/off
$ignorepings => Turns ignore all pings on/off
$gsnipermode => Turns your Giveaway Sniper on/off
$dankfarm => Turns your Dank Memer Farmer on/off
$danksell => Auto sell useless items you have for Dank Memer every 45 Minutes
$selfbotdetection => Turns selfbot detection on/off

:100:Stats Commands
$fnstats => See your fortnite stats
$r6stats => See your rainbow 6 siege stats

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